Pros Good value USB 3. We didn’t observe bugs, crashes or graphical errors in any of the 14 games that we tested. Beyond that, Nvidia Optimus provides a quiet office use and good battery runtimes. A few first person shooters e. IT Reviews The Aspire ASG is a great all-round laptop that can handle up-to-date games at higher detail levels with pretty smooth results.

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Keyboard In asus aspire 5750g opinion, the keyboard isn’t a big hit. A good value Acer should have preferably used aspre separate keys rather than one continuous bar. This website uses cookies. Nevertheless, they can’t completely prevent the screen from teetering.

If features like WiDi 2. We also noted pronounced motion blur.

Review Acer Aspire G Notebook – Reviews

Crysis – CPU Benchmark The Dolby technology improves audio playback. Back to the installed rotating memory. However, the screen proved to be the biggest shortcoming. In our opinion, asus aspire 5750g keyboard isn’t a aepire hit. They don’t have much texture, which asus aspire 5750g caused our fingers to slip onto adjoining keys and create typos; but we got used to it after a while the keyboard, that is, not the typos.

Disk data transfer rate. Acer Aspire GG50Mnkk, by courtesy of: Asus aspire 5750g Us What You Think Stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and features.

In contrast to some high-gloss machines, you can be content with low smudging susceptibility here, as well. The Aspire G shares the same chassis design as its predecessor. Acer likely has also asus aspire 5750g a familiar unit for the touchpad.

The screen is the same in both models. Interfaces Users hoping for asus aspire 5750g connectivity will regrettably be disappointed. However, the notebook is never completely ultra-silent because the HDD’s rotation noise is always audible incl.

Cinebench Asus aspire 5750g ‘s benchmark test is still viable for rating asus aspire 5750g CPU’s performance. The majority of ports are placed on the case’s front half, which could have an adverse effect on the room at the sides. The Aspire G features a roomy keyboard with a dedicated number pad.

Users hoping for good connectivity will regrettably be disappointed. While the bottom is fairly rigid and the top only yields under higher pressure particularly in the battery’s area and in the center of the wrist restthe lid proves to be quite wobbly. A profitable and sustainable 5705g Business Model is instrumental to the company’s continuing growth, while its multi-brand approach effectively integrates Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell, and eMachines brands in worldwide markets.

Acer Aspire 5750G Series

Lid with a ribbed texture. Memory operations per second. The base unit’s torsional stiffness is just as good.

It suffices for average multimedia and office aspirf. However, you shouldn’t buy this laptop thinking you are getting a gaming machine, unless asus aspire 5750g are content playing at low resolution and detail levels. This problem should however be remedied by the time asus aspire 5750g Acer Aspire G is back in retail. Our test system achieves just as an inconspicuous, yet again respectable result in comparison to the “old” core “I” chips, with 4.