Anyone else seeing this, seemed to be related to nested groups. The content you requested has been removed. If you want these settings to apply to only some computers, assign a custom device client setting to a collection that contains those computers. From the directory where the AdminConsole is installed, example: By default, Remote Activation is granted only to the members of built-in Administrators group. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

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You should always add users to the Permitted Viewers list instead of adding them directly to this group. Choose the type you’d like to provide: This group is used by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager remote tools conntrol store configmgr remote control permitted viewers configured in the permitted viewers list. I have a question, customers now have a help desk in an external cobfigmgr that connect via a link which is doing NAT server to SCCM clients succeed in implementing SCCM console without problems but when trying to connect to internal customers configmgr remote control remote is not working, the link between the external network firewall and the internal network are open all ports, how can I solve that external clients take control of internal customers.

How to Use Configuration Manager Remote Control from the Command Line

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Thanks January 7, Reply. Only some computers have the problem, configmgr remote control of them configmgr remote control installed with the same task sequence. I’ve tried it and your solution is working. In the Default dialog box, choose Remote Tools. Unfortunately no final solution, but I recognized that it has something to do with the client settings. January 6, Reply.

You can launch remote tools with no command line arguments; however the remote control viewer will be launched with no active connection. For more information regarding risk associated with configmrg remote activation, see http: By default, Remote Activation is granted only to the members configmgr remote control built-in Administrators group.

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About the ConfigMgr Remote Control Users Group

Currently I’m struggling with the same problem. I did see the log about remote session is getting into CMRcService. Posted January 26, Flair is reserved for Microsoft employees and MVPs. Posted July 18, This group is created on the supported Configuration Manager client computers when the client receives a policy enabling remote tools.

Important information, if you want the standalone Remote Viewer to report back to the Configmgr remote control Site Server which client is remote controlled and by who, you can add the registry value below on the client as cofnigmgr. Posted July 24, Click OK to close the application. configmgr remote control

And then simply launch the CmRcViewer. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

ConfigMgr Remote Control Users’ | Eswar Koneti Blog

As a workaround, in that case I simply add the device to an collection with different client settings configmgr remote control Remote Tools Settings and force the client to download the Computer Policy. Already have an account?

Read about this change in our blog post. I applied the registry settings onto the computer which I ran configmgr remote control remote controluse the remote control tool to remote into one of our test machines with SCCM client installed. All the client have the same client installed.

Configuration Manager Remote Control

February 16, Reply. I have exactly the same problem!

Conrtol the whole directory with these files present to the computer you configmgr remote control to run Remote Control from so you have a folder structure like this: Office Office Exchange Server.