Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Thank you for reply. The stock network adapter is not working for cable internet. I tried to click the l;ink you gave for intel. I really appreciate it, that will do perfectly.

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Can someone please recommend a replacement card that dell vostro 200 lan know for sure works for the Vostro mini tower? I need this network adapter to be compatible with Ubuntu.

When it’s turned off Windows shutdown a ping from the other PC doesn’t wake up the Vostro Dell Vostro mini tower: Vostro MT, advice please re graphics upgrade.

Was there any software installed by your DSL provider to configure the system? There is no difference between DSL and cable internet as far as the network card is concerned.

It is the onboard nic from Dell. I tried to click the l;ink you gave for intel. If you’re just doing internet then that’s fine, otherwise you’ll probably want Mb half.

This problem happened when I moved to my new apartment and I had NO router, dell vostro 200 lan connected directly to cable modem.

dell vostro 200 lan However, I did notice when I connect the internet cable to the router in the 2 port the 2 has NO lights. The stock network adapter is not working for cable internet. There should be a utility on the PC to check the network adapter.

A “ping” is not enough. Go into Network Connections, Properties of it, and Configure Does the Vostro have to be in standby mode?

I found this after some research, but I’m not sure if it will work with Ubuntu: Dell Vostro network adapter. Everything worked great for a few days and dell vostro 200 lan it went on and off and then completely went off after a few days.

Vostro with intel V-2 NIC – Dell Community

The PC is two days old. If you are lucky the machine will wake from hibernation, power off and standby. As a matter of fact I had the same problem after I re-installed Vista to dell vostro 200 lan if it would work better. Although I installed the lastest version of the required intel drivers the network speed is very low, which means it is almost impossible to transmit files larger than MB in the LAN because the procedure failes with an error-message.

One machine the one I really needed to wake dell vostro 200 lan would wake itself automatically from standby immediately after going into standby whenever WOL was activated not when an attempt was actually made to wake the machinerendering WOL useless.

It was working fine with DSL. If the hardware diagnostics don’t show a problem, then I suspect either a flaky network cable, or some setting left over from your DSL setup. I had dell vostro 200 lan borrow my bro’s desktop and am currently using that. Inspiron BIOS update llan. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

I’ve not tested it. The cable technician came and set it to Obtain IP auto and it worked again only to go down a few hours later. I ended up buying a router though as I do have an Ipad I use. Dell XPS – Audio only working in certain programs. So I dell vostro 200 lan you have a configuration problem.