We like the convenience of just affixing the mouse to the dongle, but depending on the laptop you’re using, it can end up blocking other ports. We should mention here that Swiftpoint is planning to release a mouse for southpaws, but for now it’s righties only. Swipe or flick using a natural finger and wrist action without having to reach for your screen, or even needing a touch screen. I find it to be very comfortable well designed extremely sturdy responsive and the battery is fantastic it lasts for ever in fact I never ran out of battery In Stock Update Location close. The idea is that you may change the direction of the mouse when working in certain in environments, but that just doesn’t happen to us all that frequently and we’d like the top of the mouse to send the cursor upwards no matter what. That means you can use it to pivot, tilt, and roll for a new way of interacting with your mouse.

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Took about four swiftpoint mouse to get the new method down and now I am better at using my Logitech with the same method. This depresses a small button swiftpoint mouse the aforementioned surface, which activates the gesture magic. Thinking outside the box on this swiftpoint mouse, they placed the scroll wheel in an entirely new position — on one side of the mouse, but oriented normally rather than sideways.

It seems like too many steps to swiftpoint mouse disable the mouse. The Swift point GT allows you to combine truly natural touch gestures with the precision and convenience of a portable wireless mouse. Swiftpoint is designed to work on any surface—and it does, swiftpkint the most part.

Best Mobile Mouse Ever? Swiftpoint GT Mobile Mouse Review

Swiftpoint mouse review 26 Photos The tricks that have been packed into the mini-mouse are impressive, however, it goes without saying it’s lacking in functionality compared to some other laptop mice. Our ideas are constantly evolving and by swiftpoint mouse time and resources into the development process we are swiftpoint mouse to take the best mouse swiftpoint mouse and work the designs to create products swiftpoint mouse will change the way you work and play on a computer.

Actually, included in the box is a small adhesive pad swiftpoint mouse a magnetic area that can keep the mouse in place, but you can also activate a touch sensor, or what they call SmartTouch. Swiftpoint GT Mouse combines intuitive touch gestures with the precision and convenience of a mouse. Former owner of AllThingsErgo. Watch the Swiftpoint Z video and see how we’ve made the most advanced gaming mouse yet. My laptop does have Bluetooth, and these days most mobile devices do as well.

Is the Swiftpoint GT Mobile Mouse the Best Mobile Mouse Ever?

Speaking of swiftpoint mouse design, it does, as aforesaid, take a bit of getting used to. The mouse itself secures to its charging station via strong magnets, and the palm rest sticker also contains magnets to keep it from sliding about.

swiftpoint mouse

The Gesture Mouse’s accessories, as well, exude an air of reliability, due in no small part swiftpoint mouse the design team’s reliance upon magnets.

It’s not as comfortable as sprawling your hands out swuftpoint a large Logitech or Microsoft mouse for long periods of usage, but the red rubber groove for your thumb and black one for your middle finger do feel soft and quite homey.

Please check your local sales swiftpoint mouse laws.

Swiftpoint mouse review

For the touchpad-haters of the world or those who simply swiftpoint mouse the touchpad on their laptop, the Swiftpoint does make a really solid alternative — not to mention, the tilt-scrolling is just brilliant.

Using the mouse as a joystick for flight sims is loads of fun. However, those looking for a mobile mouse with a bit more functionality will be best suited by an option like Logitech’s Anywhere Mouse MX which has swiftpoint mouse extra buttons and a wider swittpoint.

On a desk the mouse was just as capable, but we found ourselves having to give it more swiftpoint mouse a push than larger mice to move across the desktop, especially when using an external monitor.

With our MacBook Pro on our lap, we put swiftpoint mouse mouse on the right palmrest and navigated the desktop smoothly.

You can also customize the mouse’s “up direction” by holding down the right and left buttons and dragging the mouse upwards. Swiftpoint mouse 5 out of 5 by Steve from I was amazed Wow, I mean wow, Simply knocks the socks off any other swiftpoint mouse mouse out there. Imgur’s wonderful world of GIFs now includes full-length video. Introduce the GT to your iPad and a keyboard to enjoy a full laptop or desktop experience. We should mention here that Swiftpoint is planning to release a mouse for southpaws, but for now it’s righties only.

Just how does it work once it’s paired? Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Only time can tell if the ergonomics of the Swiftpoint GT Gesture Mouse are going to be satisfactory to any particular user, but one thing that’s undeniable is the overall quality swiftpoint mouse the device’s build. Order in the next 0: The programming is not very difficult and their support forum is handy. My biggest surprise with swiftpoint mouse Swiftpoint was that I could actually use it as a full-blown swiftpoint mouse to get real work done, not swiftpoint mouse fumble along in my second-rate mobile setup and wish I was at my desk.