America # 1 spectator sport – birdwatching

What is the most active family activity outdoors in the United States? It may just surprise you. Then, maybe not. No, if your one of the more than 75 million Americans who already loves to feed and watch birds. CBS News recently named birdwatchers №1 in America. It attracts more people than NASCAR and all professional sports.
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Feeding birds in the backyard has always pursued a close race with gardening in the number one place to enjoy some & # 39; and, but both are top of the list.
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In the 1990s, the birds feel the growth of 150%, and the campaign – 84%. Other popular activities such as golf, grew by only 29%, and if hunting and fishing grew at a rate of less than 10%. And interest in bird watching continues to grow. The article in 1997 in Newsweek magazine reported that bird watching grows faster than the national population over the next 50 years.
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But what exactly does the feeding of birds and bird watching is so popular? For one, they are the most visible from all of our wildlife. Birds comfortably live among the people, singing, nesting and sweep past our windows and through our yards. They provide an excellent natural insect control for our gardens.
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There is a huge variety in the number of species, and it changes with the seasons. Only in the state of Nebraska identified about 450 species of birds. And the birds with & # 39 are a source of great wonders. On the intricacies of weaving nest with a tool only beak, placing enough food to feed a dozen hungry ears, the birds are extremely creative.
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And as the seasons change, and their ability to migrate from less than a few hundred miles to thousands of miles and return to the same proximity directed mind. Biologists believe that birds use a different feel when you migrate from the ability to detect magnetic fields, the use of the stars and the earth ground signs to find your way. Consider the Arctic chyr annual migration which is about 25,000 miles. Then the adult birds transmit this information to their young, and it becomes a learned process.
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However, for many people it’s not to contemplate the complexity of bird life. It’s about the beauty of their spectacular displays, the weakening of their serenades and seeing how they grow seven & # 39; and from our windows. They become our estates in the yard when we deliver more food and fresh water for their drinking and bathing.

We create habitats in the backyard, offering the birds a place to nest and provide them shelter from the weather and hungry predators. Feeding birds and birdwatching promotes environmental awareness, not only on how we can make it more stable environment for the birds, but also for themselves.

For information about feeding the birds in the backyard and where to go to watch birds in Nebraska call the store home housing of wild birds, the headquarters of the backyard in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1993. Nebraska Partnership for all bird conservation So feed the birds! It makes a world of difference.
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