the importance of insurance

According to the Council on the insurance of the study data (IRC), reported that between one and vasmtsyu drivers do not have car insurance. This means that a large majority of people that you are a driver every day, is not insured – a situation that could put you and your something & # 39; S. And while it’s true that you can file a lawsuit against disgruntled driver when they dealt you a blow, most likely, your auto insurance will pay out as a result of car insurance insurance that you have on your own policy (it is the law of Nebraska ). Most people do not even know what the coverage and what their limitations.
For example, in Nebraska minimum liability coverage permitted by law, is $ 25,000 / $ 50,000 / $ 25 000. divided, which is $ 25 000 per person and up to $ 50 000 for a total accident. The remaining 25 000 dollars will pay for property damage, such as a car or a house, someone else’s car.
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Most people who have no insurance / insurance of insurance, in accordance with their coverage. So in this case, it would be $ 25 000/50 000 dollars. Every year the medical expenses, as well as the number of institutions litigation, so it is necessary to provide adequate insurance. High responsibility and high insurance / malazastrahovany motorist – one of the cheapest ways to protect themselves from events that change lives.
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Speaking of home insurance, not all policies are the same, and if you know nothing about what you are looking for if you have a complaint, you can potentially reach thousands of dollars. When you look at home insurance, you want to make sure that you have the expense of replacing all of your personal property, as well as the roof.
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With increasing costs of insurance companies, they will get rid of the coating, which was previously covered in an effort to avoid raising rates to avoid losing customers. Most people never look at the fine print, just the price.
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Another coating that you want to make – it’s jewelry, furs, art and weapons. The easiest way to learn how you covered – to ask: “What are my limits on specific items?” It tells you what items are not covered by your personal property limit and that such coverage.
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To ensure that you are adequately covered, it is recommended to consider the policy and coating agent annually. The worst situation – there is no coating that you will need after the accident.

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