Practice as Christ – the main Christian discipleship

should practice to prepare students. People learn by doing. No one becomes a Christ like that, just thinking about it. In August 2008, footballer Philipp Nebraska Dylar quoted in the Omaha World Herald that Beau Pelin and others defensive coaches in Nebraska waited. "They really do not try to fix things last year; they just train protection They tell you what you should do, and you should do it.".

Different from learning how to live the Christian life? Jesus told his disciples what to do, and they had to do it. Of course, at first they did not do everything perfectly, just like us. That's why we practice. The key to spiritual growth – is not just a Bible study facts. We become Christ-like in practice a righteous way of life.

In 1981, Rosie Ruiz was the first woman who crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon. She reached the third fastest time recorded among the runners. But ironically, it almost does not sweat. Race officials immediately began to question her victory, and in the end, she was disqualified. If the truth came out, it turned out that shortly after the race intentionally Rosie went off the road, up to the underground to the finish point, jumped back into the race and placed itself as the winner. In an interview with & # 39; th between Rosie and reporter for Sport (before she found out), Rosie asked, "If you are ready for the race, in which intervals you running?" Rosie said, "What is the range?" Can you imagine a follower of Christ, who asks: "What is a spiritual discipline?"

American marathon, Frank Shorter, believes that this is the best. Just a few minutes after Frank took second place at the Olympics in Montreal in 1976, a journalist asked him: "I know you must be disappointed with silver Are you planning to leave again for the gold medal in 1980.?" Frank calmly looked at the reporter and said, "Well, of course I wanted to win a gold medal, but the question I have to ask yourself is:". Or abavyazhusya every day I run 10 miles a day, the next 4 years? "

Who are you disciplined? Who do you work to become a Christ? What spiritual discipline you practice? Jesus said, "A wise man listens to my words and puts them into practice."

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