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Marlon Brando was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in the mother and alcoholic father. His mother was aspiring actress who worked in regional theater with Henry Fonda. His father, a traveling salesman for the company's fertilizer. In his youth, Marlon Jr. charmed brother and brother – he had two sisters – and the mother of his unusual ability to mimic specific human behavior. At one time he terrified them, falling on the floor, "asking" epileptic seizure. They were convinced that the "capture" was real.

Something & # 39; I occasionally moved and Marlon Jr. appeared, developed a penchant for trouble. At some point, his parents enrolled him in the Military Academy Shatuka with the hope that his new surroundings give him some discipline and direction. Their Marne expelled from their seats when Marlon kicked (he was notorious, and after a prank Marlon was a lot). At some point, having no real aspirations to talk about it, he came to New York and signed up for some lessons in acting. Irwin Piskatar of the New School and Robert Lewis (at that time a well-known teacher of actors and directors) were among his teachers. But the teacher who had the greatest influence on his business, one of which he ranks as his most influential teacher was Stella Adler. Mrs. Mrs. Adler was one of the original members theater group and the daughter of Jacob Adler, giant Yiddish theater. Adler taught him well, and Brand, who had a great talent (Elia Kazan and Tennessee Williams thought he was a genius), have become masters of the masters.

During the 1940s, Brando & # 39; has appeared on Broadway in Caddy August Moon, born flag, I remember my mother, Truckline Cafe and Streetcar named Desire. Seeing Brand in Maxwell Anderson Truckline Cafe, Elia Kazan was duly impressed. When it's time to play the role of Stanley Kowalski Tennessee Williams & # 39; A street car named Desire, Brand was his first choice. To make a deal, he sent in a Brand Pravinstaun audition in Tennessee Williams. Kazan gave Brand $ 20 and sent him on his way. Three days later, Kazan phoned Williams, which Kazan said Brandt never with & # 39; was. Knowing the habits of Brando, Kazan was convinced that Brando, his free spirit, used the money on something else and now waded in Pravinstaun to meet and honor for Williams. Of course, Kazan received a second phone call from Williams, who said Brand, who finally arrived, was arrested because he was hungry, and used the money to buy food. He continued to captivate Williams with his reading Stanley. That was all. Brand would play Stanley and Blanche, Stella and Mitch would play Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden (who performed together with Brando Truckline Cafe) respectively. Nick Dennis, Peg Hiliyard and Rudy Bond were disrupted with actors studio To round out the rest of the major players, Irena O. Selznik, the wife of David O. Selznika and daughter of Louis B. Mayer.

When rehearsals began, the perfect start to take shape. Something that neither ever felt Kazan, Irena O. Selznik whether any of the other members of the cast. Brand was a force of nature. First of all (by his own description) instinctive actor who follows his instincts at every turn, sometimes confusing the members of the cast. " Every word seemed nothing zapaminanym and spontaneous expression of intense inner experience – to what level of work seeking to achieve all the actors. "* Brando was the fuel, raw, vulnerable, alive and February. Nothing about his work was not invented and contrived. "Marlon, working from the inside, was traveling from his emotions wherever he was not taken away; his speech was full of surprises and exceeds what you expect Williams and I am in the process of creating a miracle What should I do, but to be grateful for…" *

Those of you who saw the film know that Kazan score on the implementation of Brand was not at all an exaggeration. Brand was the epitome of what it means to " live truly in imaginary circumstances, the data ". Sometimes there were complaints; "You never know what he will do next, where he is and what he would say." Said Vivien Leigh, co-author of the film. Brand challenged the rest of the cast, and because of them improved. They were forced to "listen" and "respond". He kept them in a sock, and as a result they were all grateful for what they have done them better. He was not going to go at a glance instinctive choice, because someone objects, or may take offense.

One of the key options for good acting work with the & # 39 is to study the importance of staying in the moment, to attract all your attention to themselves on the & # 39; the object of your behavior, listening, and responds by your true point of view. Meisner said that in his art and created his exercise to repeat helping the actors to develop their instincts. I have no idea, Brando could affect the technique Meissner. What I do know is that Marlon Brando embodied all the specific qualities necessary for any good / great actor, not only for success but also for car & # 39; EASURES. If you watch it again and again, you'll see why it has had such an impact on all the actors with whom he had ever worked. It does not matter who runs against him, always draws your attention to it. If he is not on the screen, everything slows down. It is not knocking on other great actors who came out on stage and film. The fact that (in my humble opinion), his best has never been one like him.

* This book Barzoy published by Alfred A. Knopf, INC. Copyright 1988 Elia Kazan


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