Advances in telemedicine technologies


Telemedicine there for as long as telephone, but the first videatelekamedyya was used in 1920 in Nebraska. Telemedicine is developing for the past 10 – 12 years and is defined as an interactive medicine with the use of modern telecommunications.

The telemedicine started to participate different practices, radiology and achieved great success. Teleradyyalogiya – is the process of electronic transmission of radiographic images and associated patient information from one place to another. The purpose of introducing telemedicine practices such as teleradyyalogiya with & # 39 is the solution without the printing and paper solutions for radiology department, as well as for patients. Advanced technology and digital image enabled to view X-ray images on computers and the Internet. An ongoing effort to develop teleradyyalogii, one of those with the & # 39 is a system image archiving and communication systems (PACS). Image archiving system and connection management and are useful for storing vast quantities of information in a medical institution. Since PACS – an internet technology, the radiologist can use any computer anywhere in the world and access the scanned images on the Internet. No special software or software is required. All you need to do rentgenolaga – is to use your powers and get to go to the site, to analyze the scanned image, and then enter the result in the program. Since the entire process online, it is so fast that as soon as the radiologist enters the result in the program and save it, it can get access to the hospital.

Radiologists require that the system satisfied the four factors were present. The report must be accurate for the content teleradyyalogii staff should be available to interact with the inner radiologist, if necessary, should be available, technical assistance, and the results should be acceptable.


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