Henry Sy "Keys to Success"


Who & # 39; th Henry Sy? It is rich and successful? If so, why talk about it? Why not just enjoy success with Donald Trump or Warren Buffet student, the oracle of Nebraska?

Henry C inspired millions of people from the Philippines and around the world because of how he built his business empire; he created the "phenomenon of the trade" and turned the shopping experience in the Philippines.

Henry was born in China. The poor and desperate at age 12, his family & # 39; I moved to the Philippines to look for greener pastures. Initially, he established a small shop, as aspired to a better life. After the Second World War, he opened several stores shoes. Inspired by his early success, he began Shoemart retail store in 1958, and then the department stores.

Through perseverance and hard work, he gradually expanded its stores to the mall to grab a bigger market. If it is planned to build the first shopping center, many people, including bankers and businessmen who believed that it was not a very good idea, especially since the Philippines is in crisis. But he stuck to his vision and its first shopping center was a huge success.

And now Henry Company possess large banks, businesses, real estate and several huge shopping centers in the Philippines and China. In fact, three of its shopping centers in Metro Manila are in the top 10 largest shopping centers in the world.

In 2008, Forbes magazine named him one of the world's billionaires and the richest in the Philippines with $ 3.1 billion net worth. Wow! Not bad for someone who started almost nothing.

What are the secrets of success, Henry?

The eldest daughter Teresita Sy-Koson, Henry, which operates numerous businesses, revealed the formula of his success. In one of his speeches (published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 2004), she said that Henry & 14; successful strategy: 1. Lead Integrity 2. 3. 4. Vision Focus Passion 5. 6. 7. Hard work stubbornness optimism 8. 9 10. Self Organization Discipline 11. 12. 13. Mission social responsibility and 14. The recognition capabilities. Do you have any quality of Henry?

Below you will find questions about the secrets of the success of Henry. Read carefully each of them and give their honest answers.

about leadership

Are you willing to be different? Are you ready to create a brand that represents who you are, or that shows how unique your business? Are you ready to take the necessary and at the same time painful solutions to help your business?


Can people trust you? Can you trust yourself? Do you mean what you say and say what you mean? You go on talking? You fulfill your promise?

on Sight

Do you have any long-term plan? Do you see yourself or your business in 15 years? Or 50 years from now? You weighed the necessary steps to achieve your goals?

to focus

You are totally focused on achieving your dreams? You do your best to ignore the distraction? Or stroke you're dealing with people who spend their time?

of passion

Do you have a burning desire to succeed? Do you like to enjoy success, in spite of the damage, disappointment and loss? You admire what you are doing?

On hard work

Are you willing to give extra hours on sale, to create a higher quality product or improve? You make every effort to promote your business or your business?

about perseverance

You persevere against all odds? Or you stay, despite the negativity in your community, or problems in your family & # 39; and? Do you feel encouraged to make the best of your losses and failures?

If you answer so with all these questions, you've got what it takes to achieve success, as Henry C.


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