Wade Boggs – a short biography


Wade Anthony Boggs was born in Omaha, Nebraska, June 15, 1958. At an early age his family & # 39; I moved to Florida, where Wade was in high school plant. In high school he was a member of the football and baseball teams. Boggs started his professional car & # 39; a career in baseball with the Boston Red Sox in 1982. Wade played 10 years in the Boston Red Sox, then in 1992 sold New York Yankees.

Playing for the Yankees Wade taught his teammates extreme step selection process. Selecting the extreme step – is to swing only at ideal sites and trying to fend off the close and hard pads. Using this method, the impact usually causes the other team out of the bullpen to make his weak pitchers. C command Boggs Yankee improved basic interest. Boggs left the Yankees of New York in 1997.

Wade signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Ray & # 39; s in 1998, where he played the last two seasons. After receiving a knee injury in the season of 1999, he retired from baseball. His last game was held August 27, 1999 During the last season, the final Boggs hit his 3,000-x, which was the home course. Being the only player ever to hit a home for his 3,000th hit, he was honored at the "Tampa" stadium with a bright yellow spot where his ball landed. It is inextricably to the blue seats at the stadium.

Kar & # 39; EPA Wade Boggs to Achievements and awards included 12-time All-Star selection, 1-time champion of the World Series, 2-fold reward gold gloves and 8-time winner of the "Silver Sluger" award. Statistics his car & # 39; EASURES an average of 3228, 3010 hits, 118 runs at home and 1014 runs. As a result, on April 7, 2000 Wade 12 retired. Boston Red Sox selected him in its Hall of Fame in 2005.

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