termite infestation


Termite Infestation refers to the state of the invasion of termites in the forest. If the structure falls into a paradise for mating and believe it suitable to meet the needs for food and water, it is called "infected" by them.

The reason for the infection of volatile forest ants, pieces of furniture, doors, windows, walls, and books that termites have found the perfect place for breeding, the need for food and water. They are able to survive in the form of colonies.

The second reason is the infection of ear shells is that the place they have chosen is suitable for the passage of the road from the tree to the ground, and they can easily build a soil tunnel access. Termite infestation can be estimated on the basis of these mud paths attack Roev, feces, paints and other distorted. Insects descendants fly around the world, because the light for them attractive, so you can identify their presence.

Wood is affected by termites, it is hollow and is aware of the active invasion of termites can be divided into a dirty pipe with & # 39 worker ants appear, however, when it is empty, it is not a sign of lack of termite infestation. It is possible that they have moved somewhere else.

Termite infestation is prevalent in America and Africa, particularly in Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska and California. Need of the hour is to spot the infection. Regardless of whether you use the building for residential or commercial use, it should be checked and, if necessary termite infestation their immediate control as the rate of growth of termites is very high. After they went into the woods and dragged into it, you will not be able to rid your furniture from exposure.

If your building is on sale, you should follow the infection of these ants and control it before it takes root. This may affect the rate of sales and will leave a bad impression that the building is suffering swarm infestation. Despite the fact that he is insured, you can not from time to time to take responsibility for termite treatment.

Sometimes the infestation of flying ants even with the & # 39 is a potential that is not easy to detect, and you can not detect it, probably because they are tightly infect the inside of the timber and imperceptibly damage the valuable pieces of furniture. However it is better if you are constantly continue treatment while waiting to burst termites


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