College Football

College football is becoming as popular as professional football. In some areas of the country in college football is much more popular than football to the NFL. For example, in Nebraska, the stadium "Memorial" in Lincoln becomes the third largest city in the days of home football games. The stadium becomes a sea of ​​red as fans dressed in team colors in support of the corn.

Almost as popular as the games themselves and the discussion, the discussion of ranking systems. BCS ranking system is used to determine which two teams will play in the national championship every year. These are served on a number of computers, as well as a survey USA Today (also called coaches poll) and the Harris poll are used to determine the BCS ratings each week. The first BCS poll each year for about the middle of October, although the season of college football begins in either late August or early September.

AP poll and polls USA Today – the most common polls used by the general public. There are several other surveys. ESPN has a Power Sixteen poll. "Sports Illustrated" published a survey, and CBS & # 39; s Sportsline and Athlon called several others.

BCS ranking system is under severe criticism. Almost every college football fan has an opinion about it, as a rule, a strong opinion. Many do not like a BCS ranking system, because they think that there should be playoffs to determine which teams will play in the national championship, not computers, who decide who will play.

While most fans of college football stands for the playoffs, against the majority of university presidents, because they believe that the football season is too long and will affect teachers.

College football has been around for a long time. The first cross-language game in college football was held November 6, 1869. The game was between Princeton and Rutgers University. The game was 6-4. Rutgers wins.

The game of the day was significantly different than in college football as we know it today. During the first game, each team had 25 players. Rules of the game were more like rugby than to modern football. The rules of this day have been taken of the rules of the London Football Association. Every time one of the teams scored in the day, it was considered a game. The contest ended after there were ten "games" or ten points. One who scored most of the time, won the match. That is why there is an odd number of 6-4 for this first game.

The game of football has evolved over time. In 1875, a round ball that was used in the six years of the game, was replaced by an egg-shaped ball. In 1876, the crossbar was added to the crossbar. The height of the crossbar was 10 feet – the same height as today. In 1876 it was also changed a great field. He was made smaller – the size close to the size of today's playing field.

In the 1880s, the game began to resemble a football, as we know it today. Rules similar to the rugby rules were changed. Instead of simultaneously 25 players on each team, it was changed to 11 players were allowed on the field. Over time, more rules were changed and added a lot, because they are sur & # 39; serious injury or death players. By the end of the 1800s, in the player's technique was part of the safety equipment.

Early football was a vicious game. By the end of the 1800s, the public began to speak out against tough game. In the early 1900s, Colombia, which was one of the earliest teams to join the sport, decided to ban football because it was too dangerous. Even President Theodore Roosevelt spoke out to make changes to the game.

further changes to the rules and safety regulations have been made. In 1910 he was created an association that manages the collegiate football. This body is now known as the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). NCAA is responsible for the rules and regulations of college football, as well as undertakes teams NCAA members to carry out these rules.

Changes in the rules, as the game was killed, and he ball in the 1930s helped the game gain popularity.

Today, after 135 years after the first cross-cultural football game at the college it was held, more than 600 collegiate football teams operating in the United States. And every year the attendance of these games in the tens of millions.

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