airline consolidators play an important role in the development of tourist business


Responsible for selling thousands of tickets, airlines prefer exclusive tariffs for consolidators. They receive fees from the airlines to the negotiating tariffs based on their long-term relationship. Travel agencies are looking consolidator airline to provide sufficient income, while giving attractive discounts to their customers. Variety in travel has brought more traffic, forcing travel agencies to encourage tourism business anyway. Travel agents are consolidator tickets a huge source to increase their income. Communicating with the consolidators of airlines, they can substantially extend the flight reservation.

Let's do the shift forward, to better understand consolidator tickets. They sell basic number of airlines providing airlines with reduced fares. Next, they transfer agreement on airline tickets to travel agencies, these agencies could add the necessary extra charge, while giving attractive discounts to their customers. Attractive to travel agents here & # 39 is to maintain the private tariffs lower than published fares and transfer customers who ultimately receive lower rates than published rates. Booking must buy consolidator tickets, who have already taken the Commission in the airline, it has proved useful for many suppliers of tourism services. Business is flexible for both a consolidator, and for travel agents. Consolidator fares forced these companies to manage travel, receiving about 45% of the fees for fares for flights.

Published and private rate

Published fare is the same for those who are easily accessible on the company's website. However, unpublished flights, which are also called private consolidator fares or rates, offer a travel agency or travel agents at the net price that can be 30-60% lower than normal tickets. This allows travel agents to earn large commissions, which enable them to offer customers appropriate discounts even after the establishment of decent margins. Some of them are waiting for the time when they can get the maximum decrease in prices due to seasonal discounts.

We all know the importance of online booking engines. Although tourism portal without error & # 39 is a plus, though a & # 39; union with large consolidators airlines international rates can have a huge difference for the tourist business. With their help tourism providers have access to the contents of a ticket with a discount on multiple GDS. So, before they could be limited to one GDS or two, but the connection with the leading consolidators airline provides the best offers for several GDS. TMC (s) can rely on a huge increase its dividend, saving up to 60% on published rates using consolidator tickets. To schedule was high, these consolidators airlines have maintained good relations with the airlines, spreading private rates on various travel agencies, acting on more and more flights. Thus, the tourism sub & # 39; objects can book the lowest fares in different sources GDS or non-GDS, to present customers with the best deals.

Brings attractive offers for travel agents

Consolidator fares airlines are able to negotiate with the airlines. Travel agencies that book the tariff for customers who demand seats in premium classes, can bring useful profits, acquiring the same price on the consolidator. In addition, travel agencies can buy tickets, which usually are booked depending on the part of the regional movement. A variety of content these consolidators tickets allowing them to save a huge amount on international tariffs. In this case, the company that manages travel, can reserve the right tariff for customers with more attractive offers on holiday packages. On the & # 39; union of airline consolidators forcing travel agencies to earn even more. Since they can simultaneously access content GDS. This helps them to submit offers its customers a pleasant, while making enough profit.