How to transport a dog by plane


If you take your dog with you on the plane, please read these vital tips on how to do the maximum damage to the dog during the flight.

  • Before you validate your ticket, call or ask the airline company's policy regarding the transportation of dogs and what their policy in respect of transport of dogs. Most airlines have different policies and choose the right one for you and your dog.
  • Walk your dog before the flight, make sure that your dog is doing what it needs to nature before the flight, even if the flight does not take more than 1:00.
  • Ensure that the airport staff and aircraft know that you are with your dog and your dog flying in the cargo compartment.
  • If you have a puppy or a small dog, it would be great if you could take your dog with you on the plane, most airlines allow you to borrow small dogs and puppies are in the cabin, if you have a special bin for transporting dogs or carrier for Pets [].
  • Before the flight, make sure your dog meets all the medical requirements of the international flights.
  • Let employees know where the water for your dog, and the man who flies, and other living organisms abyazvozhvayutstsa faster than usual, so it is very important that your dog receives all it needs hydration.
  • Before you fly, stay with your dog as long as possible, your dog will be stressed, if possible, then stay with the dog until you pass through the gate.
  • There are many situations when flights are delayed, which is not very good. Since your dog should spend as little time at the airport and / or aircraft. Before heading to the airport, call the airport and ask if there are any scheduled flight delays.
  • If you leave your dog alone, put yourself or ask the staff to put the toy with your dog smell in transportation [], it will allow the dog to relax more.
  • It is not necessary to feed the dog a couple of hours before the flight, however, it is best if you visit a veterinarian in this regard, as the vet will know better about your dog's diet.
  • Try to avoid flights where you will have to change planes, before you get to the desired location.
  • When the plane landed, exit the aircraft as quickly as possible and go to the baggage waiting room, you have to like when she flew in the cargo cabin as soon as possible to meet the dog.

It is vitally important tips for successful transport of a dog on an airplane. Please, do it with great responsibility for your 4-ganogaga other.