Airline low cost – they cut their costs? Reducing electronic ticketing and other services


Previous and next news: booking of e-tickets on the airline market is growing. Everywhere around the world, you will find more and more airlines are offering this option through your website.

Some companies such as AirAsia, do not even make it possible to book tickets through travel agents. All tickets must be purchased through their website. Available only electronic tickets. The reason, of course, is to reduce the cost of the flight. According to the Air Transport Association (IATA), the application of electronic tickets can cost up to $ 9 per ticket. This cost reduction includes paper and all the human resources necessary for manual ticket control.

This service is beneficial not only for airlines, but also for the passenger. You do not have to worry about losing the ticket. To provide simple identity card at the front desk is enough to get fit. It's a win-win situation.

Another way to reduce the cost for low-cost carriers – an abbreviation of such services, the cost of power supplied to passengers. The basic principles of low-cost carrier lies in the fact that there is no paper tickets, no drinks, food, headphones, newspapers, movies, VIP-salons, etc.

The last and perhaps the most important factor in reducing the cost of the airline – it is as often as possible to book a flight. They can achieve this, of course, at the expense of low-cost tickets, but also by means of a complex program of online booking. To make sure that the ticket price will be increased step by step, if you go to the date of departure. Thus, passengers are forced to order tickets in advance even more and book ahead of its competitors. However, except for the exemptions for the purchase of last-minute tickets. If the flight is already 99% full week before departure, I doubt that you will be able to get any cheaper tickets at the last moment. But if they still have more than ten locations, two days before departure, you can also get a good deal. So that the budget carrier company will always make sure that their flights are full, otherwise they will not be able to keep their offers so competitive.