Tips on buying art as an investment inuitskaga


Firstly, buy contemporary art. Some of the old thread can be a good investment only if you are sure that with time they will grow. The thing is that they are old and expensive, so they do not rise in price as much as contemporary art. In addition, there are many old inuitskih thread that just are not worth anything, in order to acquire it, you really have to be an expert in the senior inuitskim art, or you run the risk of overpaying. With contemporary art can be compared so that you can check these same thread Inuit artists in various galleries and make sure that you are paying a fair price.

The best place to buy art Inuit – internet art gallery of Inuit. You will find that the prices in the online galleries are lower than in a brick and mortar galleries. In fact, stores have to pay rent, utilities, staff salaries, and they have a lot of cost price. Web Gallery of Inuit sculptures are buying directly from the artist and have no additional cost, they are just middle-man between you and the artist.

You may be interested to know, is there any way to eliminate the middle men and buy Inuit art directly from the artists. Unfortunately, things are not so simple, it is practically impossible. You may have to go into the community in the north of Canada. You can not pass, there is no way, the only way to get on the plane. on the plane ticket will cost you at least $ 2,000. Now, when you arrive in Cape Dorset, Sanikiluaq or any other Inuit communities, you need to stay in a hotel, which will cost you $ 200 per night. Then you have to rent a truck, because there is no public transport, you will have anything and the food is too expensive. And even after all these expenses there is no guarantee that you will find any thread for purchase. There are times when Inuit communities completely dry, thread a wise, because it is not in season, or someone else just bought everything in front of you. The best time to go on an adventure karventurnae – this autumn, because inuitskiya artists mined the stone in the late spring and summer, and usually have a lot of threads for sale in the autumn season. Worst travel time would be early spring, you risk not find any thread for sale.

Another tip – look for well-known artists. Buy Inuit art by internationally renowned carvers, such as Noonan steam Jimmy Ikaluk or Paul Kawika. Although their art is quite expensive, you can be sure that in time he will appreciate even more, especially if they leave the trade. There are a lot of young artists whose art is much cheaper than the art of master carvers, but it may be more high-quality investment opportunity to buy from them. For example, if you get a bear dance Atsiyaka NGOs, who & # 39 is a promising young performer, you pay only the cost of a share compared with a bear Noon Wed. However, only about ten years NGOs Atsyaak become as famous, if not more, than Noonan Steam, and you can get a good return on their investment.

And finally – make sure you like what you buy. In the end, on the thread inuitse, like any art – is all about perception. If people do not like the Inuit sculpture, no matter how famous inuitski artist, you have to sell it for a big profit thread.