Your Guide To Airline KPI


Airline overcome countless challenges and problems. There are times when the heads of the airlines have to drastically cancel a flight, which leads to the crowd again & # 39; frenzied and anxious passengers. Often these scenarios lead to trouble on his return flight, and sometimes to lengthy injuries, for example, a reduction in the number of passengers. Problems Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from minor problems to the sur & # 39; oznyh safety issues. If they remain undetected, it can become a huge problem of snow balls. In managing the airline, irrespective of the level and agencies need to plan careful planning, especially with the use of performance management systems. Then you need to understand the airline or key performance indicators of the airline.

KPI or key performance indicators are essential for the performance management system of the airline. Think of this as for a pistol bullet, the air and fuel for tires for motor vehicles. Without these indicators is absolutely impossible leadership assess and evaluate how effective the company's strategy. Moreover, without the performance and can not come up with a reasonable and effective solutions. KPI from the & # 39 are common: they all look the same and they all apply to most types of business. However, for the airline, there are exceptions. Therefore, the key performance indicators such organizations need to be configured. Overall, the performance management work airlines are classified into four: service indicators, flights, customer prospects and financial outlook.

Indicators of service – is a parameter that is used to control the operation of airlines, which generally deals with services. The main purpose of the evaluation of these actions on the & # 39 is a good understanding of how each employee service department. Moreover, it will allow executives the idea how the new equipment and facilities improve service and eventually sales. An increase or decrease in the number of occupied seats means something and should require immediate action. The addition of new suppliers and partners can also mean health service.

Aviation operations, on the other hand, are related to operational aspects of the airline, such as the number of passengers per flight, the number of flights per day, the number of flights during unpleasant out & # 39; I, the use of aircraft and available time for flying. Fewer flights and more passengers would mean upgrading, replacement or addition of the aircraft.

Indicators prospective clients usually involve passengers in the evaluation process. Most of the time they are given to fill questionnaires, evaluations or feedback. Passengers are asked about their opinion on how they are treated the crew, baggage issues, flights, meals and even during the safety inspection. Of course, the more complaints than praise, should be so anxious to change or improve any deficiency in the service.

Financial Perspectives, which mainly take part in financial management, – a measure that lets you know whether the money match and properly used. The parameters include fuel costs, profits, income and expenses. Negative essence should be the basis for further investigation and immediate action.

service indicators, flights, customer perspective and financial perspective – that's four major airline KPI or key performance indicators that managers should always be taken into account in the management of the company. If there are other problems that need to be included, new indicators must be limited in time, reliable, valid, and measuring specific.