9 ways to avoid swine flu in travel time


Due to the hype about swine flu, did not think to try to avoid unnecessary public trips, including air travel. But the FAA and the CDC only warn flight if you already feel the symptoms of the disease or you in contact with someone who suras & # 39; ozna at risk of contracting the virus F1N1 flu.

Federal officials have just asked all people to address the common measures of health precautions, if they are in a public place and surrounded by other travelers. Because cheap, in particular, frequently replenished quickly, making for a crowded aircraft and airports, you may want to follow these basic guidelines to keep yourself healthy during flights.

1. Remember that everything you touch, including airfare, handles on the bags and identity, has the ability to be affected by someone else, and vice versa, so wash your hands often with soap and water. at least 30 seconds.

2. Bring along all the hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes (in a rather small capacity to transfer rules carry). You can wash your hands at any time, in any place and wipe any plastic surface, with which you are in contact with the armrests on the plane and in the seat of the airport, ticket counters, etc. – if you are armed with these two items.

3. Avoid the use of pillows and blankets on airline flights. Believe it or not, you are flying on cheap flights or premium airlines, aircraft have no washing machine or dryer, connected back to sanitize pillows and blankets in between flights. Bring along your own pillow or blanket as a shield against the very seat.

4. You will be hard to look for cheap flights that are not crowded with travelers; as a normal hygiene practices, be sure to sneeze and cough into your own body, it is desirable in the crook of your arm. Always wear a cloth to avoid spreading any germs to other passengers.

5. How useful can serve as flight attendants, employees of tickets and baggage, and as much as we appreciate what they are doing, it would not be heard, please deal with your own things, if it is possible at this time. Many discount airlines do not charge for checked baggage, but you may want to still consider their luggage on these cheap flights to avoid that counter ticketing and baggage handlers germinated your bags.

6. Airlines have probably already begun to discover cheap flights to Mexico and parts of the country, which was the swine flu outbreak, but federal officials warn against travel to these places and ask travelers to be particularly careful with regard to friends and family & # 39; and, who may have recently visited those parts of the world.

7. Remember that you usually contagious one week before the onset of flu symptoms, so if you think you can get in touch with someone who could bear the flu, it may be one of the few reasons to delay flights. another time.

8. You can never be too careful, because the wearing of masks in public to protect themselves from germs other travelers and save you from the spread may be a good idea.

9. Remember that only after you have left the aircraft, it does not mean that you avoid injury. If you are going to stay in a hotel room, and you have room in your suitcase, you might want to pack your own sheets and pillowcases.