Do not be a monkey prabezhnym


"Let me put it on my card … I need the miles." ~ Mileage Monkey

This is just one of many fine phrases that you may hear from a bona fide credit card holder. What kind of airline that has run so fond of these monkeys? Perhaps it was the fact that once they can be used as a flexible, free way to flight booking. Unfortunately, past times and today the airline – the shadow of their former glory. They were significantly impaired, lacking flexibility and cover only part of the cost of the flight. I am writing this article to stop all pitch & # 39; yatstva and tell everyone to give up their mileage credit cards.

Now, before we go any further, let me first say that the airlines have value, and if I have to buy enough of them, making several trips, I would have bought them for some kind of ticket. My real beef with the airlines – this is their cult-like popularity among users of credit cards compared to a much more convenient option of cold hard cash. Here are my main reasons why I prefer cash for miles each day of the week and twice on Fridays –


Most people do not associate inflation with the airlines, but that is what happened with the recent devaluation. Since the inception of the airline, ticket price in the continental United States has always been 25,000 miles. Today, you have to beat LeBron James in a game of basketball one on one than to book a free ticket to a decent schedule for just 25,000 miles. A couple of years ago, the airline decided to implement a new "unlimited" run to run, which was not limited to a certain number of reserved seats per flight and had cost 50,000 miles. They have also reduced the number of tickets with limited mileage (old variety 25,000) to only a few, if they are in one flight, making the new cost effective prabezhnaga nearest ticket twice the earlier steps in the blue mode. This type of inflationary devaluation similar to a country that is developing with weak financial management, as the Mexican peso early 1990s.


In the past, one of the main benefits of the airline had an opportunity to book tickets at the last minute. Booking a few days before the flight normally requires a lot of effort, so the main savings can be locked using miles instead of money. But just as the old ticket for 25,000 miles, it ended well. Hunters for the trade, who do not want to pay twice for an order of free flight, are now forced to buy a run for several months (if not the whole year) in advance with less than ideal scenario (as an extra flight and 3 hours are added to the sound of your trip?) due to the lack of available tickets with limited liability.


My last beef is not so much to run the programs, but with a new cost structure. For years, airlines are losing money. Fierce competition and rising costs (such as fuel and labor) put most of the airlines in the red position. Earlier this year, energy (including jet fuel) prices are making new highs, so the airline decided to encourage its customers to carry less baggage, charging a fee for checked baggage. This is just one of the many payments, you can pay if you book a ticket to the city. Only last year I booked two international tickets of miles and had to pay a few hundred dollars for airport taxes. So even if you are lucky enough to find a ticket for 25,000 miles, you will still not avoid the airport, not turning on the cold hard cash.

The fact that the airline – a pseudo-currency, in which there is no system of checks and balances. Airline launches run on the loan, has the right to devalue them, to change the rules or start to charge additional fees as required. I've done the math on the true economic value of a mile to a mile, indicating that you would be better to collect the cash rewards than airline. For all these reasons, I would like to purchase for cash all of my credit card purchases than airline. In order to achieve the grievances, the majority of rewards cards do not have annual fees, while the usual run of the card will cost $ 60 to $ 100 per year for the "privilege" of ownership. With all of the evidence the choice is obvious … no rest mileage monkeys. Just say "no" run of cards and say "Yes" to return the credit card.


attentive Franco

P.S. As a disclaimer, I was lucky with the program rewards the Southwest, which is based on conducted tours and not pralyatanyh miles. The other day I commented Mrs. Franco how ridiculous that once the South-West was considered a "discount airline", and now I see it as a luxury liner (free checked bags, western race, snacks, no booking fees, and a worthy reward program).