To sneak across the border with a criminal record, why honesty is still a & # 39 is the best policy


Cross the border into the United States illegally a criminal record, if you do not get a waiver from the US to enter illegally. Perhaps you could get without revealing information about its record, but at some point, your luck will end. security measures have changed dramatically since September 11, 2001 Developed and constantly improving the exchange of information technologies between the US and Canadian security services. Since 2010, the US Customs and Border Protection had full access to the Canadian criminal databases.

Once your criminal record is found on the border, especially if you have answered the questions relating to your record fair, you will most likely be detained and, of course, refused entry. This humbling experience, which may include fingerprint, handcuffs, mug shot and treat them very unkindly. Your record will be loaded into the FBI file, and you may have to undergo further questioning.

If you are caught a second time, to fit your needs it is very tough, because now you have no excuse to knowingly violate American law. It is much easier to catch you after you are stopped for the first time. This is because in the United States today have a private criminal case. Your vehicle and property may be seized and can not be returned to you. When attempting to illegally cross the border, American authorities have the right to confiscate their belongings and sell them at auction. Profits from these sales goes to the American government.

If you are traveling by bus, the whole bus can be rejected because of your behavior. If you are traveling by plane, your ticket will be labeled "fake", and you will not be able to collect insurance on the cancellation or receive a refund for the ticket. You can put in handcuffs and detained for a much longer time period. If you try to enter the United States after you have been denied, you actually reduce the chances of rejection of the entry, which gives you legal permission to enter the states of your criminal record.

If you are reading this, you probably have an account and are interested in the possibility of legally and safely cross the border for business and / or personal reasons. The solution is to properly contact the US Department of Homeland Security for written permission. This document is called the refusal of entry into the country.

While it is certainly possible to apply for the registration of applications for entry in the US alone, filling out the appropriate forms and padryhtuyuchy the necessary documents, it is important to realize that the preparation of applications package requires a huge amount of documents and is a very complex legal process. Make a mistake or omit important information. You will need to submit fingerprints in the corresponding graph, and you will need to provide biographical information, proof of citizenship, police record, references to the characters, documents on the rehabilitation, employment and other supporting information.

Approval of your application with & # 39 is a sub & # 39 objective, and officials who see it, have a great view. This means that the better package your application, the better the chances for the provision of failure. Knowing what information should be included, and what information should be excluded, it is knowledge based on experience. To file a disclaimer, it costs 585 US dollars. In the event the application is not returned, so it is important that it be prepared and filed correctly the first time. This is useful for investment assistance from professional who may prepare an efficient and appropriate use based on the type of offenses acting US standards and best practices.