Your first flight – ready raskladchyk


The first flight can be very restless, even if it's just a two-hour domestic flight from Delhi to Mumbai. From the relentless worries about the plane crash at a certain current problems over the fact you have finished all the necessary procedures at the airport, the first trip of the aircraft can be very taxing for the unemployed. What further complicates the fact that you can not take a friend or relative to drive you to the airport. Due to airport security do not allow accompanying visitors leave the airport gate. Here's a practical list that will help you wade through countless airports, without feeling lost.

  • Make sure you're in the right airport. In most cities, there are some airports for domestic and international flights. Be sure to tell the taxi driver that you are flying domestically.
  • Find time for your airline. For smoother control various airlines airports distributed various airlines. Most cab drivers will bring you to the right end, if the airline in advance to let them name.
  • Get a stroller for your luggage. they are usually lined up at the entrance to the airport.
  • Keep your ticket in hand. You need to show it at the entrance to the airport to gain access. If you have an e-ticket, you will also need to show a photo identification. This can be your ID voters, the PAN card, driving license, passport or credit card with your photograph.
  • Go to the baggage inspection to take an X-ray baggage. At this point, you need only place a heavy luggage to be checked in the cargo plane. After the luggage will be checked, airport authorities sealed it zapyachatvayuchy it, seal it. Put back to the sealed luggage on a trolley.
  • Proceed to the airline counter to obtain a boarding. Wait in the queue until it is your turn. Go to your baggage sealed. The camera can be weighted so that it does not exceed 20 kg. The official airline may also ask to see your license photo. If you come early enough, you will be offered a choice between aisle and seats on aknah. Once you claim your choice, you will be given land. The counter will also be a lot of luggage labels. Pick tags for carry-on luggage, such as a purse, and a bag for the night, and attach it to your luggage after filling in your name and contact details. Leave the cart at the bar, but take care that no one is hurt.
  • Go to the security check area. Put your hand luggage, including mobile phones and jackets for x-ray machine conveyor.
  • Now go into the area. This area is located next to the machine to check carry-on luggage and hung with curtains. There are separate areas for men and women. Once you're dressed, you put a guard on the landing stamp.
  • Collect your hand luggage with the rear end of the X-ray machine. Make sure that the person who operates the machine, put the stamp of your luggage.
  • Wait in a recreation area, until you hear the message about the landing. At about the & # 39; in reality will be specified gate number for your flight to landing.
  • Join the line at the gate for boarding. The official representative of the airline check your ticket before to let you through the gate.
  • Pasaditsesya an airline bus, which transports passengers from the landing to the plane.
  • When they reached the plane, show the ticket to the head before boarding the flight.
  • Go to the place indicated on your landing. Put your hand luggage in the cabin of the aerial. Now sit back and enjoy the flight!