Some tips and facts that you can not introduce


The budget for travel expenses

In the past, airlines provide food, regardless of the ticket price. Gone are the days. The adage "you get what you pay for" comes to budget travel. Cheap tickets are as follows:

  • More restrictions when it comes to change the tickets and schedules

  • Additional charges for many bags

  • Fewer amenities on board, for example, free headphones

  • Meals and drinks are available with a price

  • A small charge of run

  • Limited entertainment during the flight


There are airlines that offer electronic tickets, and others that allow you to register using your smartphone. As an advice, use both, if possible. For more convenience using your phone, but also to print your e-ticket – if ever phones scanners do not work (they feel some travelers).

Drive through only travel

Go on a trip only to avoid being charged for luggage, lost luggage and a long wait. It is best to pack light, to bring the essentials and be aware of the security restrictions.

Internet check-in

Most airlines are allowed to do online registration the day before the scheduled flight. This gives the advantage of a more convenient place, because the limited space available for use.

choice of location

People who travel, have a variety of options for the seats, and some prefer the aisle or near the windows for obvious reasons, but there are slight differences aircraft.

  • Typically seat located before or at the output rows are not discarded.

  • The places that surround the toilet, have a peculiar odor.

  • Depending on the aircraft structure, some seats have less or more legroom.

nervous flyers

Pilots wonder why many people are afraid of turbulence. Nervous people should know that turbulence does not cause the crash, the wings of a fall, and the engines cease to work accident. Aircraft designed to make lightning strike, so no need to worry when lightning strikes.

If you want to ride smoothly, choose to sit over the wing. Since the plane is similar to dust when you are in the center, it is usually less than the moves. If during flight you feel nervous, go on a morning flight. In the last part of the day the earth is heating awkward air, and this is usually the time when thunderstorms occur.

several airports

Plenty of travel allows you to search several airports in a particular city. For example, if you are traveling to San Francisco, you can check out the Oakland International Airport (OAK), and San Francisco International Airport (SFO). You can choose between two airports to obtain cheaper tickets or better flight schedules.

Domestic or international flights

Most often, domestic flights are cheaper than international, even with the same distance. Alternatively, you can fly to a city near the border, and then travel by land. For example, if you want to visit Montreal, you can fly to Syracuse, New York, and then to pass through the border.