5 tips for traveling in Nepal in budget stores


If you are going on a difficult passage Langtang Tilman Pass Trek or rigorous hiking in the Everest region, or just going for a short trip to the tourist places of Nepal, every traveler thinks of a large decrease in the sum in the bank. But this is not true, if you can find tips for traveling.

Visiting tourist destination in Nepal on the budget are not out & # 39 is a difficult task, if you find a low-cost housing and meals. However, budget travel is not only cheap food and stay, but also waste less money. Thus, if you want a successful budget trip to Nepal, gently treat your bank the amount we get a few tips for you:

1] learn how to trade

Trade – is that necessarily useful in your travels. No matter what you are going to shop on the street or do stay, you must agree to pay less. The first rule of the deal is that you will never agree on these initial rates. Nepalis have excellent skills of trade and never let it go to waste.

2] Find a cheap place to stay and purchase

If you are traveling to Nepal with a large salary budget, but want to try local food and souvenir shopping, always find a cheaper place. Most of the tourist places charge higher rates, but you can get it at a cheaper price in another part of town or village. Find out the best place to save money.

It is about the same, if you walk along the mountainous part of Nepal. For example: if you go to the Everest of the three transient hiking, stay with a local family & # 39; and, instead of looking for an expensive luxury hotel.

3] Stay away from the main market

The main market area is always expensive and crowded on the street in Nepal. You can save a dollar, if you stay in a less popular area, rather than on the main market. Be sure that you have access to local transport or hire a personal car to easily get around the city.

4] benefit local

Local access to vast information about the place than any guide or reference book can offer you. They live here and know the place well. You can ask about the local hotel price and products and find the best. Gathering or just talking to them, you can save your money, but also adds a unique travel experience.

5] Buy a budget package tours

If you want to buy the premiership & # 39; er package travel, we offer to choose a budget travel package. There are plenty of travel packages and tours that offer an attractive budget travel package to their customers. Look for the best travel package bargain and find the best price for their adventure.

If you want to go to Nepal on their own, we suggest you take a guide in Kathmandu, which can be much cheaper budget package travel.

Pay attention to book tickets for the hotel and flight in advance during peak season to secure a trip.