How to get a low cost airline


Search low tariff – it is not so difficult …some may want you to believe. With more than 20 years in the travel industry and tours, and senior editor of the luxurious romantic vacation and factors! Read the full report below.

Of course, you can spend hours searching for web pages, spend countless dollars on travel friendly, review papers, and ask friends to their outstanding knowledge of providing the cheapest fares, and it is very likely that you will get a number of options relating to the passage of the low tariff .

Let's begin …Flights – a commodity that is sold, and is based on the supply and demand principle. Since demand is high, the same price and on the cheap.

Your usual travel agency will be contracted with wholesalers at applicable rates. You, the consumer, will pay for the ticket at the price of retail. It's so simple, is very similar to other products on the market. You can buy a ticket directly to the wholesaler? This is very unlikely. Wholesale wholesale transactions; Thus, sales of 1-ticket not from the & # 39 is sometimes cost effective for a wholesaler.

There are travel agencies that acquire a number of seats on certain flights and sell them at discounted retail prices. Agency buy tickets at a reduced wholesale price for mass purchase. Agency, which usually become a massive place, specializing in a particular area. For example, an agency may specialize in Spain; Thus, they buy a few

previously put in the airline and sell them as a specialty. They, in turn, can offer excellent rates.

To find these specialized agencies, check the travel section of the Sunday, the Yellow Pages and / or the library. Your library may have search facilities in the database for SIC codes data. In the case of travel agencies SIC Code of 4724-02. You need to make sure that the agency specialized in the area in which you wish to travel to get the highest possible price.

Internet tickets …Some online sites that offer low cost airline tickets, really reinforce the system. In fact, they are linked to other travel agency, so the other margins, and what you feel good, can not actually be. There are several good online sites that allow you to save money, and we will explore some of them.

Travelocity – one of the established leaders in the field of low fares on the internet. With little overhead compared to typical shops travel agencies, Travelocity provides one of the lowest airfare for almost all directions.

On this site is easy to navigate, and you know what you get. Due to the purchasing power of Travelocity, they can negotiate a good price contracts and transfer you to save.

Orbitz – another great rival, who is looking for a low cost airline. Five airlines launched Orbitz; American, Continental, deltavy, northwest and connected. They can offer their seats at discounted prices. Their database of over 450 airlines, one of which

greatest. – site tour participant. You must not be a member of the show different actions; However, if you

Do you want to take advantage of any promotion, membership required.

On site Bestfares, which is based on Bestfares, there are some hidden costs, so PACHATAYTSE. This we are not satisfied


Bestfares open great travel opportunities; but they are usually very limited in the dates of travel, locations, and other restrictions. They also have higher than average booking fee. We found out that what looks like a good deal ahead does not look as good as everything is on board … this can not be cheap airfare as you think.

Craig Dahl – Senior Editor