Your miles have a shelf life


The author is not affiliated with any airline or frequent flyers programs and not before the & # 39; presents no claims with respect to specific programs also does not say that one style is better than the program in a general sense. The purpose of this article with a & # 39 is to provide a fair comparison of options to travelers so that they can make informed decisions appropriate to their individual situations.

American Airlines launched its AAdvantage program in 1981. Airlines then passed mileage Plus. Today, almost each airline has its own program for frequent flyers.

With the spread of these programs, they have moved beyond the original purpose of promoting air travel; Today they conduct their business. Instead of being limited to the fact pralyatanay miles, members can earn miles at lunch, and purchases using credit cards. They can also redeem your kilometers for gifts, electronics and other goods, as well as traditional free tickets and upgrades.

With these improvements and the price came Airlines expires .

Now I know what you're thinking. I tell you that after you have spent all this time to build up miles, they are going before you can use them. Well, maybe. It really depends on the airline.

Not all frequent flyers programs are created equal. On the one hand – the program which supports media legacy , Deadline for the seven airlines that remain with the regulation of the day. (Previously, we called these major airlines, but it is a category that is based on income; today they are not the only ones who have the right.)

Mutual carriers – American, American, United Airlines, Delta, Northwest, Continental and Air alyaskanski – usually reward frequent travelers one mile for each run, as well as bonuses and all that apply. These miles are valid for three years from the date of last activity, defined as the last time Miles were earned or purchased. This is important, because you can keep your miles with outdated airline Only one session every three years .

On the other side of the coin – a lie low-cost model That contribute to the leading popular carriers such as Southwest, Airtran and JetBlue. Low-cost model has points or credits based on visits to the regions. Usually, these terms will expire one year after the date of issue, and although specific terms and special offers are subject to the operator, may not be able to extend their .

Now a few reasons. First of all, not every low-cost carrier is worth the low price. For example, Frontier Airlines – a low-cost airline, but its program EarlyReturns frequent fliers use miles instead of points, and they will not end as long as the two-year window will not be active.

Secondly, while the older airlines allow frequent fliers to buy magazines, cameras and other products, programs executed by the low-cost carriers, usually guided by air travel (meaning free tickets for several low cost carriers that offer two classes maintenance, modernization). Under equal conditions usually require several trips to earn credits that you need to get your free ticket at any time in the low-cost airline, than you need to earn enough miles for the same ticket with a legacy carrier.

With this in mind, if you plan to join the frequent flyers program, here are some tips to help you decide to join any type of program to get maximum value from your personal travel habits:

  • Select a single airline and do your best to always fly with that airline. If your airline has partners, you can fly with them, but do not subscribe to their loyalty programs. Miles can not really be transferred between accounts, or about & # 39; yadnovvatstsa even among partners.
  • Think about where you want to travel. If you want to earn miles for travel outside North America, you want to use one of the oldest carriers as a major airline. (Currently, no one has a low-cost carrier does not own or affiliate service outside of North America.)
  • If most of your travel is in the US and traveling often, you earn free free tickets for frequent flyer program for that follows the model budget.
  • If you are often traveling, go with a program that uses an outdated model. A key factor to the & # 39 is that there is a way to extend the loan so that it is not ended. You do not want to have 96 credits and find out what the first 20 will expire in two days before you get the four that you'll need for this 100-free loan rate.

There is no doubt that it will take some effort to learn about the work of frequent flyers, and the true skill of great complexity. If you follow the recommendations presented here, you can make informed decisions that will help you get the most value from your travels and allow you to see more of the world about what kind of budget you can afford. This is important.