Pros and Cons of Online Stores

More and more people are going online to shop for a variety of things, from air tickets, shoes to go home. Incredibly comfortable to sit at home and shop almost everything you need. Here are some pros and cons:



Shopping in a store of brick and mortar – it is less flexibility, the need to travel, there may be problems with parking and fixed hours. But those who prefer to shop online, have comfort in the fact that they can view and buy things at any time. Opportunity to avoid trips certainly appeal to those who do not have their own transport, car transport, or simply when the weather & # 39; E is not pleasant.

price comparison

Buying in traditional stores, less competition, and you just have to accept the price in the store that has the dates of your things. However, compare prices online is really easy. There are many price comparison sites that allow you to check the price of a product in a long list of different vendors. In addition, online shopping can give more incentives to return as repeat customers, such as special offers and discounts for subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

More choices

Online shopping is not limited to the amount of space to display their inventory. They have the opportunity to show the most impressive options that could never fit into the shelves of bricks and mortar. In addition, the Internet go to the next shop is very easy if the right product is not available.

Read customer reviews

Most online stores offer easy access to customer reviews for almost any product. This helps to create a more informed buying decision. Surveys provide a more detailed view of the product compared to the limited information provided by the manufacturer.


It is impossible to try things

A particular problem when purchasing clothing on the Internet – are not able to try things out, see how it is made, or feeling on the material. If you buy a familiar garment, there is every chance that things will go wrong and you get ill suited the subject. Even the thought that most of the shops accept a return, still inconvenience to continue to return the goods, until it reaches the desired size and appearance.


It is also rare to directly talk to the seller, if you need help. Although it is possible to send a message, it can not be answered within 24 hours or more.


A trip to the semi-truck

Desperate times call for desperate actions. It was a desperate act. I desperately needed to sell the work or history.

Basically, I needed the money and do something. I'm still looking for a second car & # 39; career and did not have enough options.

It was Sunday morning, and I had a bus fare, but have nowhere to go. I tried to "think outside the box" with the hope that I will be able to find the second car & # 39; career skills that some specialist in human resources has always said to me that they are "transferred", but never know any company that hires someone with experience over 20 years in other industries. I was disappointed, tired, irritable and just plain boring.

I had to do something, even if it was wrong. I've always done all the right things during his lifetime, but even a stupid person knows that you can not keep doing the same thing again and expect different results.

bad odds

Look for a job I did not get the work. The odds were against me. There are too many unemployed people who have good skills, education and experience, yet too few jobs. I thought that if I could pass on the second semi-truck, it will give me the opportunity to learn what was going on before I put time and money into getting my commercial driver's license (CDL), and in the search company is prepared to pay more 40-year-old woman to drive on them. I still must pass a medical test Department of Transportation (DOT). I was worried that the age can also be a bar & # 39; EPAM. Given so many worries, I found it difficult to determine what is most worrying.

a truck stop

So, with that in mind, I went to a local truck stop to interview some of the drivers. I have reviewed management semitrailer as a potential second car & # 39; a career, because my father as a young man was the driver of the SUV.

One day, during the summer break in high school, my father allowed me to "ride along" while riding on the spot. Then, a few years later, he taught me a simple maneuver, how to drive a tractor around a warehouse and parking prychapvats trailer, so that people from the warehouse could unload it. So I spent one Saturday afternoon.

Thus, in this Sunday, I went by bus to the nearest truck stop in Denver. I push back and watched. I watched as the truck drivers who transferred the luggage and a shower with a semi-truck through the back door, reserved for "professional drivers" going to the all day dining restaurant, laundry coins or buy a $ 12 ticket for your own soul.

I watched as the drivers run by trucks. I watched as they drove through the parking lot and returned to its great setting in the slot. Judge truck driver not by how fast it can go on the interstate, but by how smoothly it can attach to each other two trailers. I watched other drivers to watch other drivers.

Basically, I was surprised how many women drivers I saw got out of the truck. I was asked to see how they rise to the driver's seat. I spoke with several women, when they went to the back door. I asked them questions about their work and lifestyle that came with it.

Most of the women I spoke with, were drivers of off-road (OTR), which meant that they were traveling on long distances, cross-country roads and, thus, were often not at home. All of them were single; Many of them traveled with the dog to socialize. One of the women traveled with a dog and two cats in her truck. She was an independent driver with his own truck. She stated that "solo", and prefer animals to humans as companions. For many years she managed the car and could not go back to an office job with the love of money. This is almost all that they said.

As I stood and watched as truckers run by tractors, view trailers and looking for a place to park for the night, I tried to imagine what it could be a professional driver pavpagruzchyka. I hoped that my limited understanding of the fundamentals pavpagruzchykav and vehicles can give me a new understanding of the industry, where there may be a job for more than 40-year-old white woman with no children and no need to visit a home base to visit relatives or friends. It was my hope anyway.

The path to employment

I thought I could open a new path to employment. I was waiting for a new job that would allow me to work independently from the convenience of a semi-truck with a combined trailer complete with a stereo on the & # 39; omnym sound, portable 24-inch TV with satellite TV, a medium-sized refrigerator, a microwave, and, of course , sleeping in a full size. What more could a girl want? There was even a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS), which helped me to travel to the United States. One-touch 7-inch touch screen, I could find the nearest rest stop, truck stop or my final destination.

Work began to sound perfect, especially considering my current situation.

It was a job that allowed me to see the village without paying for a plane ticket or a bus ticket. It was a job where I could eat, sleep and work in one vehicle. I could travel around the country with a salary in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. I do not even have to go home to visit friends and family & # 39; w, since after so long was unemployed – to me nothing is better not to be done. I could work day and night to pack a savings account in cash.

I closed my eyes as he tried to imagine how I sit in the driver's seat, enjoying the scenery, listening to your favorite music when I was driving through the village from one state to another. I noticed some of the new models, which one person called "cabin apartment." He said that they are called cabins Kanda, because they are large and have almost the same benefits as entertainment vehicles. Some of the men told me that some of these inter & # 39; erav designed to order and, of course, really cool. I did not see the inner side. I talked to one woman-driver, who called sleeper standard size "bedroom" because she enjoyed it so much. She admitted that the "pink form" with goose pillows, goose duvet, floor carpets and curtains.

I liked the idea of ​​managing a semi-truck with lounge, decorated in pink. I started to get involved in the decoration, trying to think about the real job of managing. It's starting to work for me. I could combine your desire good home with the need to earn a salary, and I would not even have had to give up the laptop.

Global positioning system

I do not foresee any problems with the study of the use of on-board global positioning system (GPS). Also on-board electronic system should not be sur & # 39; oznyh problems. Half my problem was solved. I just had to learn how to manage a semi-truck and, of course, get a license for it. The idea of ​​carrying around 80 000 pounds of cargo in an aluminum trailer in the rain, hail, sleet and snow rarely comes to mind. I might go by day and writing at night. I thought that this could be the perfect solution. I could solve two problems the same work. I could earn a salary during the day and use their computer at night to make his writing car & # 39; career. The secret to decorating.

black tires

In addition to connecting to decorate my car-trailer tractor in soft, soothing colors, I could write my name on the sidelines and look really cool. Most tractors can be identified by writing on the driver's door, which stands for the owner or operator of each vehicle. Many drivers will be printed on the driver's door. Other drivers draw favorite expressions or scripts are usually complemented by the paint job. All vehicles must have special rooms; however, they are available DOT. It seems that the Ministry of Transportation (DOT) insists on this. These numbers are always printed in black. I suppose this is the norm there. But, all right, black goes with everything. It is never in conflict. In addition, it will make the big, black bus more visible and give the vehicle more "grounded" look.

Scoop with hood

The newly created, aerodynamic "cap" and "scoop roof" is also great. Vendors will tell you that they help increase the air through the tractor and trailer, and, consequently, reduce the delay in the wind and improve fuel mileage. I think they just did it because it looks cool and gives more headroom in the cabin.

More padgalosnaga space allows the truck actually stand in the cockpit. More room and provides a pleasant feeling any open space; that appealed to me and my sense of the outdoors. The additional space also allows the truck more easily open and close the refrigerator door, while he watching satellite TV on their new, 24-inch flat-screen TVs with built-in a DVD-player.

Remote control

Most truck drivers reported that they particularly like the remote, which allows them to change the TV station, sitting on a bunk. This allows them to remain seated and, thus, do not have to stand or move in order to change the channel, or insert a new disk.

Refrigerator is usually located next to the berth, which is also convenient. This allows the driver to open the fridge to get a drink or snack, not rising. Only a man can think of as to drive the cab of the truck. Men live in trucks like living at home; food in one hand and a TV remote control in the other.

An automated power unit (APU)

Most truck drivers are also considered automatic power unit (APU) popular features. He is responsible for ensuring that all of these devices and the convenience of working as easily in a semi-truck. APU provides power a refrigerator, microwave, lamps and other objects of electric type that make life more enjoyable in the truck. All truckers like APU. APU makes luxury.


Pryladnaya panel inside a semi-truck and cool. He has the entire sensor. The inner part of the truck resembles the inside of the aircraft. They have enough sensors to control almost everything on the truck or trailer. They have sensors for checking the fuel level, oil level, the pressure in the reservoir, and even gross weight of the cargo in the trailer.

weight weight

State patrol inspectors also like weight sensors. They are especially fond of the weight sensors that they can control, sitting inside a "house" at the entrance. State Patrol is now able to monitor the weight of the front and back here poluvoza "while driving" as it passes through the entry. Even this day, the introduction of automated port. Highway Management has set the scales for interstate areas, which allowed the state patrol to check the weight of the load, if the semi-truck driving past Carriage Station. no longer need to truck drivers to stop at every port of entry when entering a new state; Instead, they can just drive until the state patrol monitors the weight on the computer screen. If the weight of the goods is too high, according to federal rules, state patrol can still get into your car, turn on the siren and chase the truck driver to give him a ticket. Some things have not changed. Summer residents are watching the state patrol and the state patrol watching truckers.

Commercial driver's license (CDL)

While riding in a semi-truck, I learned a lot of vehicles. I learned so much that he decided to get a CDL license, so I can also transport cargo across the country. It's hard work, but the main advantage – is not to have a chief in the cockpit. Have a boss in the cockpit similar to the presence of the driver in the back seat, who wants to tell me how to ride. This is an advantage, contributing to many truck drivers to become truck drivers. They get a truck management, their routes, and if they deliver on time, they get money for travel. They can also choose which they prefer to listen to the radio when they drive through the village. It is important that when choosing a summer resident to travel, to select a person with the same taste in music. This is very important.

We entered the 10 km

I was traveling with another truck driver for more than two months, and, according to his journal, we snuck over 10,000 miles in his pavpagruzchyku. I think I crossed the United States five times in the last two months. I liked it.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to apply for a job as a truck driver. However, after talking with several military enlistment offices and driving schools, I learned that there is no demand for women. but they were willing to give me a chance. I applied for a job on the car carrier, which, as is known, is hiring inexperienced drivers. I borrowed money from a friend, sat on the bus with Greyhound in another state, and after a failed attempt to get permission to pavkaram management. Unfortunately, the school was not as I expected. Two days later, I gave up and sat on the bus home, and began to look for work in his car & # 39; EASURES. I also went back to the writings and decided to do what I planned at all times – to write a short story about their experiences traveling cross-country in pavtaravoz.



About Indian Airlines

Indian Airline – one of the best known airlines, which has its base in New Delhi. The flights are all distant places. The airline belongs to the state, and it is an internal airline of India. airline operation began August 1, 1953 and since then the company provides the best services to its travelers. The airline serves both Indian and international destinations. Indian passengers, as well as international passengers from time to time use the services of the various services offered by the company. The name of Indian Airlines was changed to Indian December 7, 2005. The main purpose of this airline – to provide quality service for passengers. Efficiency and reliability – these are the main features of this airline.

This airline offers impeccable service; The airline has a great price recreation as well as business travelers.

The airline allows online booking of tickets that passengers can book tickets without any inconvenience and enjoy a trip to the appropriate destination. Airline employees also take care of the needs of passengers and make them comfortable.

Indian navy

Young's fleet comprises 70 aircraft (47 flights at aviyabuse A320s, 3 shyrokatryvalyya A300s jets 11 Boeing 737s, 3 Airbus A319s, 2 aircraft Dornier Do-228 and ATR-42 4). The airline also ordered 46 new aircraft, which consist of the A320, A319 and A321.

Indian operations

Indian airlines regularly fly to 76 destinations in India – 58 seats and 18 abroad. Airlines regularly fly to all major cities in India, including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, as well as numerous regional destinations such as Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Bhubaneshwar, ranch and others. The airline offers for travelers a variety of cheap packages, passengers must go through things carefully and take advantage of these packages. The airline also operates in almost all the important areas of the country, which include New Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi, New Delhi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore-Mumbai, Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai, Delhi-New York Deli- Bangalore, Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore, Delhi-Goa-Delhi and many others. Indian Airlines also plans to expand its network within the country and abroad, so that they can please the increasing number of passengers and make their trip a wonderful experience in the near future.


Flights from JFK to LAS: an overview of airlines, routes and ticket prices

Vegas – one of the most popular holiday towns in the world. Every year millions of people flock to the city and stop at one of the many notorious casino resorts. Those who fly from the East Coast, will often choose a departure city like NYC. This is because the flights from JFK to LAS, are generally available. You can use online search tools to compare prices.

The approach is quite simple. You simply enter a destination, select the date, and then get a list of prices from different airlines. Usually there is an opportunity to search for hotels in addition to the ticket, if you want to link the price. If you are flexible with dates, you have a better chance of getting a good deal.

The average duration of this flight is 5 hours and 25 minutes. The distance is 2243 miles, and several airlines offer a direct flight. September is usually the cheapest month to fly to Las Vegas, and May and June are usually the most expensive months. It is recommended to book flights from JFK to LAS both at least two weeks in advance to ensure that prices are lower than average.

Since this is a popular route of flight between two major cities, a number of airlines offering several trips every day. Delta and Jetblue offer the most flights per day, followed by Virgin Virgin. Other airlines that you can check out include Delta, Alaska Airlines, Sun Country and American Airlines. Some flights have at least one stop in cities such as Phoenix, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Charlotte.

Reduced cost flights from JFK to LAS

Travel in the air should not be expensive. Just use the price comparison travel sites to help you find a better offer. If you are not familiar with these airports, advance look at the map on the Internet. Where are the terminals? Where parking at JFK and the area of ​​land transport at McCarran International?

If we talk about it, you can book your car rental in Las Vegas, in addition to flight booking. All car rental companies such as Alamo, Enterprise, Payless, Avis, Budget, and Hertz, operate at the center of McCarran Rent-a-Car, which is about three miles and can be accessed through a special transfer. There are many other options for ground transportation, if you do not want to drive yourself. Just take the shuttle, taxi, bus or limousine to your resort.

When looking for flights from JFK to LAS try to & # 39; to go on a weekday to avoid the additional charge over the weekend. Avoid flying during the big holidays, as the cost will rise. Refer also to the hotels and find out whether there is a discount flights + hotel for your trip.

Internet discounts – everything you need to save on air and hotel in Las Vegas. Search tools are very easy to use and understandable. Before you book a flight, check that there are coupons on JFK flights to LAS.


flight Reservations

So you are going to travel by plane? Obviously, you need a few things to make the journey without problems and exciting. This includes your documents, and in addition to the passport, the ticket is very important. Usually book reserve in advance at the scheduled date for the trip, and there are options of choice for flight reservations. Let's take a closer look at the available choices.

1. By phone

Sometimes on the phone to book flights makes it possible to get cheap flights. Schedule can be challenging time, so for someone who can provide help, it's really good. If you can book directly on the airline's phone, always keep a pen and paper to record any important information that you may need later. It is reasonable to see whether there are hidden costs associated with the reservation over the phone rather than booking airline. Be sure to ask about the duties and restrictions relating to the termination or transfer flights. If you are offered non-stop flight, pay attention to the flight duration and venue. Make its advantages when it comes to places to relax or need food, ask about discounts for children, seniors and students.

2. Use a travel agent

Using this method, you have the privilege to communicate with someone who has experience of flight reservations, as well as with the available special. Try to bargain, as the cost quotes are usually not recorded. Ask the representative if their ticket gives you a run for the purchase. Pay attention to the airline, the flight time and the route.

3. Internet

It called for the flight over the Internet much faster and easier. Many airplanes are ready for online booking, and some even provide additional services. It also gives you the advantage of price monitoring on the Internet, so you can undo and take advantage of a good deal if necessary. Keep in mind that not all websites calculate the taxes that correspond to, so make sure that the price includes taxes.

Cheap flights to Minute

Sometimes it appears at the moment that requires travel. There is a set of events that require us to travel at the last minute. The key to getting extremely intelligent, last-minute flights – search and compare prices.

If you decide to buy our property, conduct negotiations, to get a better offer. Explain why you need to travel at the last moment, and you may be lucky to get a large sum.

Buy from a partner airline when they purchase a large number of tickets and resell them at affordable costs than the advertised price.

Try to buy your ticket on the Internet auction ticket, which allows you to bet on the flight.


Extremely cheap flights last minute

Any type of emergency can happen there, when you have to buy an air ticket, or you can fall into the category of persons that work, requiring them to travel as soon as possible. At this time, to find tickets that are still common in the price range, it is very difficult to do, but it is impossible. With the right information, there are ways of getting tickets at reasonable prices that allow you to purchase a ticket for an air ticket for a low budget and still get to your destination.

If you know the place of his journey, try to choose the airport, which is likely to be closer to your destination. This may affect the price that you pay for the ticket, and will give you a lower price than the usual plane tickets prices to get to the place where you need to be. If you know that you may be asked to travel to any point in time, the best option would be to & # 39; to associate with a company that deals with the web site, and every day sends you information about all the available deals. some of the sites that offer this service, with a & # 39 are, and These websites regularly send information about cheap flights last minute, so you can get the best route for the least amount of money.

Another approach that can be implemented to reduce the amount you have to spend at the airport – it is reducing the number of bags that you carry with you. Almost every airline requires additional payments, if you have more than one bag. The next time when you will need to make a trip at the last moment, try to do it with just one bag-carrier, if this is not possible, try to travel with only one check baggage, and you have to make sure that the weight of the baggage check does not exceed the weight limit air carrier, since it can attract and additional costs.

Sometimes a ticket to the round-trip offers the most affordable price of the flight at the last minute in comparison with the one-way ticket. Even if your initial plan was to travel in one direction, you may have to change to take advantage of a discounted rate on the air ticket. Despite the fact that your visit may be the last minute, you can still get a flight that leaves at a certain time of day, allowing to arrive at your destination in a reasonable time. A certain time during the day may also be of value to the ticket price, so the choice of the selected time can provide a cheaper flight at the last minute. If you can choose the travel days, it is usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday offer the cheapest prices for flight tickets, it may save you hundreds of dollars.


Plane tickets cheap – 3 tips for getting the absolute rock-NIDA prices for airlines

If you are going to travel in the near future, pasprachayusya that interests you, you can get plane tickets at low prices. Well, I'm going to show you exactly how to do it in 3 simple steps. Each method, of which I speak, will allow you to get great deals on airline travel, if you just abavyazatsesya try these simple steps.

1. Firstly, you can get really great deals on air fares, flying time, other people usually do not want to fly. What happens is that many airlines are trying to fill the space, and then you have the opportunity to negotiate with them to get a very low price.

2. To get a cheap flight tickets, you can also contact the airlines directly. Most people do not think to do it, because they believe that prices will be higher, but the reality is that airlines often come with good offers that can save you a ton of cash. The best time to get these deals – call just after midnight, when the system has just been updated and there are new deals.

3. The best way I found to get a plane ticket at a low cost – is the presence of inside information. By this I mean the knowledge of someone who is currently working or have previously worked in the airline. Most of the time these people will know the real tricks of the trade and, as a consequence, can teach you how to get some great deals on airline!


Where to find deals on airline business class seats

Travel in the air can be expensive and, of course, tedious. Flying business class, however, offers the opportunity to make the most of the journey – a great way to travel and get to your destination, rich and without stress. Flying business class pampered with high quality rooms, shmatkarystalnymi dishes available on the Internet, private screens and entertainment systems. Getting expert advice and travel tips can be so carefully refer to the airlines find suggestions to make the flying experience the best. Flying in business or first class, the more the price of the transaction in the airline seat business class very well with the & # 39 is the Holy Grail of air travel. And there are ways of working out deals for the modernization of business class seats.

Airlines & # 39; Own websites

Airlines & # 39; own web sites offer a great opportunity to find the lowest available fares on business class seats, and they can show a lot of fare options. One of the advantages of the transaction search Airlines on business class seats the airline from the & # 39 is that the sale is carried out directly with the airline. He becomes more nabrakalnym, so if you cancel flights will be easier to agree on an alternative to the airline if the ticket is purchased directly from them.

Program "of a mile"

The program for frequent runs "with the elite" offers members a better chance with more options and more likely to receive this upgrade for a deal on business class seats. Use the pieces span miles to go to a place in business class offers the best value for miles, are used, as compared with the use of miles for the purchase of tickets for the coaching awards. Update the inventory, but you can limit. It is best to book early and be flexible about the middle of the week, if possible. In addition, the update can be completed in a few days and hours prior to departure to the list of expectations.

travel agents

Professionals in air travel from the & # 39 are travel agents with relevant experience of the nuances of air travel. A good and reputable travel agent may well be of assistance in the search for airlines to business class seats, especially for international travel with complex routes. Useful agents do all the work and helps get rid of stress and inconvenience to break through endless sites for airlines. Also, travel agents often have access to special consolidated tariffs, which are not offered directly by the airlines. And the knowledge of all the conditions and restrictions associated with a & # 39; unified tariff, with & # 39 is the key for such a useful value.

Airline-independent sites

Airlines independent websites – a good resource for the inspection of all airlines proposals simultaneously. Among the most popular sites that do not depend on the airlines where you can find deals on business class seats, include sites such as:

  • Ekspedyya : One of the world's leading travel company that uses leading technology websites, mobile applications and Facebook page to learn about the destination ideas, get information about flights, hotels, rental care, cruises and much more. Expedia also has a program of rewarding participants with guaranteed prices, reservations for the remaining points and gain VIP-hotel.
  • orbits business Offering a full range of services and a fully integrated approach to the management of travel and costs by combining leading technology and expertise to achieve the necessary savings on travel costs.
  • tour Offering the most comprehensive warranty in the field of travel. Travelocity Guarantee with & # 39 Travelocity is the key to the business model, which guarantees the best prices for air travel, the corresponding lower prices online or return the difference, when the decline in prices found elsewhere.
  • kayak : Technology company established jointly with Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz, a different approach to air travel and a focus on improving airline travel. The site Kayak.Com Kayak and mobile applications on any smartphone or tablet, you can compare hundreds of travel sites in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display and choose where to book.
  • Cook travel : Proposals for a first-class airline tickets and exclusive discounts on business class. Cook-trip airfare offers savings of 10 to 60 percent, as well as 2 discount on 1 ticket, which you should use.
  • WholesaleFlight Boutique Travel agency specializing in discounted business and first class flights. WholeSale.Com offers customer service with personal pressure on the friendly concierge travel, helping to conduct research and provide more flight options with discounts both in business and first class.
  • OneTravel Offering a wide range of business and first class flights of low cost travel, depending on the terms and conditions, good only for orders on the site.
  • CheapOair : Also offers the opportunity to explore offers cheap flights in business class.

other ideas

Using what is known as the buckets of travel it is also a great way to save money on air travel. The farther away the ticket is purchased, the more travel options exist. Some flights may be more than a dozen different tariffs for buses, business and first classes. However, it often happens that the cheaper the fare, the more restrictions and conditions on his progress. And a little way to find a cheaper place in the bucket may be a change of departure time or departure a day earlier or later.

Next there is a site,, an independent airline site that does not sell tickets; rather, the site lists all the tariffs and rules for all flights. ExpertFlyer.Com designed to meet the needs of frequent flyers, airline mileage programs "elite echelon" of passengers, professional managers trips and casual travelers looking for the best value. ExpertFlyer.Com – is a powerful information service trips in real time in real time and provides information about the maps seats on certain flights that show what flights are not available or not.

Generally, the price of air travel and severity can be scary. Methods such severity can be reduced to a minimum – this is a reasonable trip. Other useful resources, are worth paying attention to when developing travel plans – are sites such as SeatGuru and SeatExpert-sites with proven technology, offering design cabins and graphic layouts of seats, as well as the pros and cons of different seats in the aircraft.


To sneak across the border with a criminal record, why honesty is still a & # 39 is the best policy

Cross the border into the United States illegally a criminal record, if you do not get a waiver from the US to enter illegally. Perhaps you could get without revealing information about its record, but at some point, your luck will end. security measures have changed dramatically since September 11, 2001 Developed and constantly improving the exchange of information technologies between the US and Canadian security services. Since 2010, the US Customs and Border Protection had full access to the Canadian criminal databases.

Once your criminal record is found on the border, especially if you have answered the questions relating to your record fair, you will most likely be detained and, of course, refused entry. This humbling experience, which may include fingerprint, handcuffs, mug shot and treat them very unkindly. Your record will be loaded into the FBI file, and you may have to undergo further questioning.

If you are caught a second time, to fit your needs it is very tough, because now you have no excuse to knowingly violate American law. It is much easier to catch you after you are stopped for the first time. This is because in the United States today have a private criminal case. Your vehicle and property may be seized and can not be returned to you. When attempting to illegally cross the border, American authorities have the right to confiscate their belongings and sell them at auction. Profits from these sales goes to the American government.

If you are traveling by bus, the whole bus can be rejected because of your behavior. If you are traveling by plane, your ticket will be labeled "fake", and you will not be able to collect insurance on the cancellation or receive a refund for the ticket. You can put in handcuffs and detained for a much longer time period. If you try to enter the United States after you have been denied, you actually reduce the chances of rejection of the entry, which gives you legal permission to enter the states of your criminal record.

If you are reading this, you probably have an account and are interested in the possibility of legally and safely cross the border for business and / or personal reasons. The solution is to properly contact the US Department of Homeland Security for written permission. This document is called the refusal of entry into the country.

While it is certainly possible to apply for the registration of applications for entry in the US alone, filling out the appropriate forms and padryhtuyuchy the necessary documents, it is important to realize that the preparation of applications package requires a huge amount of documents and is a very complex legal process. Make a mistake or omit important information. You will need to submit fingerprints in the corresponding graph, and you will need to provide biographical information, proof of citizenship, police record, references to the characters, documents on the rehabilitation, employment and other supporting information.

Approval of your application with & # 39 is a sub & # 39 objective, and officials who see it, have a great view. This means that the better package your application, the better the chances for the provision of failure. Knowing what information should be included, and what information should be excluded, it is knowledge based on experience. To file a disclaimer, it costs 585 US dollars. In the event the application is not returned, so it is important that it be prepared and filed correctly the first time. This is useful for investment assistance from professional who may prepare an efficient and appropriate use based on the type of offenses acting US standards and best practices.


Tips and advice on cheap flights!

There are various methods by which you can get cheap airline tickets. But not everyone knows how to do it! As a result, we have decided to write an article to help everyone and to find the cheapest tickets available on the Internet to help them to travel on a budget. And that's what we have learned!

1. There are several parenting websites that offer cheap and affordable flights for passengers. You will need to know when to come to offer and how long they last on the site. To do this, you have to be attentive to the websites and daily log on to offer more suggestions. Please remember that the holiday season will mean higher ticket price compared to the off-season. Try to travel in the off-season, because you can easily get the tickets, and they will be cheaper.

2. Remember that the tickets on a weekday is cheaper than tickets for the weekend, because you will find that most people prefer to travel during the weekend, and this may increase the cost of the ticket. Weekdays as Friday, will have the lowest price of the flight.

3. Use the travel packages that include tickets, car rentals and even orders for the numbers to get the cheapest flights. Take great offers means that ticket company can provide you with a discount on the cost of your package.

4. Tickets in standby mode. These are the cheapest tickets, as most airlines rework money in peak, and there is a high probability that the tickets with excess book will be downloaded when the flight will be complete. But during the offseason to use sites that are waiting for correspondence, allow you to get a substantial discount, as there is no chance of you to unload when the plane is half empty.

5. are booked in advance. In the majority of airlines operating in advance of reservation policy in which you can select the tickets about a month in advance. This significantly reduces the cost of the ticket. You also get a confirmed ticket, which will really help you in the long run.