Advantages and disadvantages of the flight in an airplane

Air travel – one of the fastest ways to travel on our planet. From point A to point B can be reached much more quickly than with all other modes of transport. For example, if you travel to the same destination, the ship may take several months, but the plane only takes a few hours. Obviously, the speed – it is the number one advantage for traveling in an airplane. There are other advantages.


Commercial air planes are often more convenient to travel as far to the destination. Sometimes turbulence can be felt while traveling in an airplane. But this is nothing compared to the way the ship will ride in an uneven sea. Some people suffer from air sickness, but it is very rare.

The temperature is kept to a comfortable level, and the entertainment can be accessed. You can listen to some soothing music, watch videos, or even play Nintendo games on the plane. The level of comfort depends on the type of places for which you have purchased tickets.

If you have a little more budget, you can think about buying a ticket in business class. This is your ticket to help you get a place that offers more legroom and personal space. You will also participate attentive air stewards or stewardesses. If you need anything (eg, blankets, food and wine, etc.), simply make the request, and the items will be sent to you without you leave your seat.

In addition to comfort, if you decide to travel by air, you can also get a great convenience.


It is more convenient to travel by plane, especially if you are in a hurry. It's easy to book your flights at your favorite travel agency, by telephone. Your travel agent will advise you on the next available flight, and you can determine on the spot whether you want to book.

Many of the capital's airports served by many airlines. Therefore, if you do not peak season, you should be able to book tickets for the desired date.

In addition, most of the international airports are equipped with comprehensive facilities to meet the retail needs of travelers. For example, you may be able to find a car rental service at most major airports. Such services provide additional convenience.

Perhaps the only major disadvantage of air flights & # 39 is the price of admission. Ticket price depends on the choice of airline, class of your site and your destination. Larger and more established airlines tend to charge you more than the smaller airlines. Seats in Business Class more luxurious, so they are more expensive than economy class seats. And of course, the farther you travel, the more you have to pay.

Despite the increase in prices, many still choose to travel by air due to the speed, comfort and convenience offered by the flight. Travel by air saves a lot of time. In addition, many low cost airlines offer flights at very affordable prices. This makes the flight more attractive mode of transport.


Preparing KPI Reservation airlines

Gone are the days when you have to physically visit or call the airline to book tickets only. This is because in many technological advances that have come to life, the system is significantly improved. If you want to book tickets for certain business trip or holiday trip with family & # 39; it, all you have to do is go online and book a flight reservation. Pretty easy, right? However, this convenient system does not exist without the implementation of key performance indicators of airline reservation or key performance indicators airline reservation.

It would be surprising to find the key performance indicators in a business setting. However, you may be surprised to know that they are also required by the airline. Simply put, the key performance indicators are not really out of place in the airline. This is because these indicators exist to measure the current state of any company in any industry in accordance with the goals and objectives that were set at the time of its founding. Similarly, there is a need in the implementation of the KPI for booking flights.

In its simplest form, the table could be estimates as to measure, known as the metrics that determine the current state of the company in relation to the goals and objectives that were set at the time of the founding and early years of the company. Now there are many measures which can include display, and it even seems reasonable to do so, to make it so that it was. However, this should not be at all, because the presence of a plurality of indicators simply complicate the entire process. When many indicators would also be difficult to interpret and present all of these measures are agreed. Thus, it would be wiser to follow a few simple metrics and KPI.

For the most part, as in any business or industry, these checkpoints will actually be grouped according to the functions and needs. The following categories would make great additions to the scoreboard airlines: financial perspective, customer perspective and internal perspective. Still need to group these indicators, to ensure the correct direction and evaluation of the measures.

A figure that should be included in the financial perspective – is the compensation of the ticket agent. Now booking airlines really can do online, so no need to hire Ticket agents, is not it? Wrong. Ticket agents still need to employ in order to control the whole process. You would not want to issue duplicate tickets or leave to their clients right now? It will simply lead to customer dissatisfaction.

As for the customers in terms of customers, the fee for seat advantage is a good metric. There are passengers who prefer a certain place, and their service is usually paid. This indicator should be included to assess satisfaction with the service. Errors in the design of tickets to be included in the metrics for internal perspective. Errors must be measured so that they are minimized in the long run.

These are just some KPI booking airlines, which must be included in your scoreboard. With the support of your airline's success will be the next logical step.


Cheap flights – a trip to the US

Like millions of people around the world, I am sure you are also among those who want to explore the United States a day in their lives. Many reasons, many dreams and wishes of many who need to perform – these are the things that attract the ordinary man and you. Not only the freedom of thought and action, but also the freedom to be one's self, the freedom to do what I always wanted, in his own way! Sounds interesting, does not it? Then why tie yourself to a fine idea – to fly to the United States, and we'll show you where to go! But before that, we'll show you where you can buy cheap air tickets to make air travel in its budget. And the answer these days have so many options on the Internet, as many sites of travel agencies to book cheap flights just sitting at the computer, and what else you need. Just log on to any of these trusted travel sites and book cheap flights using the mouse.

United States of America are full of places that rastavlyayuts your heart for its scenic beauty, which runs parallel to the technology and machines. Combining work and leisure – this is what is ready to welcome you with open arms. Among the many destinations to choose from, some of the most famous are Florida, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Colorado and many others. From falls in the parks, skyscrapers to the flowers, to the sources of coal mines, it can offer.

Each city – it is a world in itself and covers a different experience; Although the beads in the same advisors, the color of life that each exhibits, surprised each time. If you are a & # 39; a connoisseur of art, then get ready to tie-high boots, as many as fifty destinations offers you the opportunity to buy antiques. Cities such as California, Columbia and Kansas offer family entertainment centers where you can get a big dose of fun and tricks with your loved ones.

Activities such as boat trips, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, golf, swimming pools, spas, water activities, wineries, theme parks, theater and much more – all you will steal your heart. If you have to prevent heart beat fast at every step, then you know that you are in a place that is no less than heaven itself. To experience all this fun, all you have to do is plan your trip so that your trip was a complete fascinating experience, and spent time and money, too, are worthy of it.

Many travel sites to help travelers plan their effectively triples and assistance of experts like the powdered sugar on the sweet cake of life. Short list of favorite places you in accordance with your interests, as there is something to see. With many family fun centers, art galleries, educational centers, cinemas, museums, recreational areas, playgrounds, musical events, sports centers and water sports; He lined up a whole range of adventure, just for you.

Make the right choice in the era of technology, as the management and control of travel is far from being so far away. Another click find yourself in the best of hands. Travel wisely and pack the luggage in accordance with the destination. Go into the world's largest amusement park and make your trip a great success. To get the best deals on travel, try your hand at a few options and choose the best. Happy travels!


Do not be a monkey prabezhnym

"Let me put it on my card … I need the miles." ~ Mileage Monkey

This is just one of many fine phrases that you may hear from a bona fide credit card holder. What kind of airline that has run so fond of these monkeys? Perhaps it was the fact that once they can be used as a flexible, free way to flight booking. Unfortunately, past times and today the airline – the shadow of their former glory. They were significantly impaired, lacking flexibility and cover only part of the cost of the flight. I am writing this article to stop all pitch & # 39; yatstva and tell everyone to give up their mileage credit cards.

Now, before we go any further, let me first say that the airlines have value, and if I have to buy enough of them, making several trips, I would have bought them for some kind of ticket. My real beef with the airlines – this is their cult-like popularity among users of credit cards compared to a much more convenient option of cold hard cash. Here are my main reasons why I prefer cash for miles each day of the week and twice on Fridays –


Most people do not associate inflation with the airlines, but that is what happened with the recent devaluation. Since the inception of the airline, ticket price in the continental United States has always been 25,000 miles. Today, you have to beat LeBron James in a game of basketball one on one than to book a free ticket to a decent schedule for just 25,000 miles. A couple of years ago, the airline decided to implement a new "unlimited" run to run, which was not limited to a certain number of reserved seats per flight and had cost 50,000 miles. They have also reduced the number of tickets with limited mileage (old variety 25,000) to only a few, if they are in one flight, making the new cost effective prabezhnaga nearest ticket twice the earlier steps in the blue mode. This type of inflationary devaluation similar to a country that is developing with weak financial management, as the Mexican peso early 1990s.


In the past, one of the main benefits of the airline had an opportunity to book tickets at the last minute. Booking a few days before the flight normally requires a lot of effort, so the main savings can be locked using miles instead of money. But just as the old ticket for 25,000 miles, it ended well. Hunters for the trade, who do not want to pay twice for an order of free flight, are now forced to buy a run for several months (if not the whole year) in advance with less than ideal scenario (as an extra flight and 3 hours are added to the sound of your trip?) due to the lack of available tickets with limited liability.


My last beef is not so much to run the programs, but with a new cost structure. For years, airlines are losing money. Fierce competition and rising costs (such as fuel and labor) put most of the airlines in the red position. Earlier this year, energy (including jet fuel) prices are making new highs, so the airline decided to encourage its customers to carry less baggage, charging a fee for checked baggage. This is just one of the many payments, you can pay if you book a ticket to the city. Only last year I booked two international tickets of miles and had to pay a few hundred dollars for airport taxes. So even if you are lucky enough to find a ticket for 25,000 miles, you will still not avoid the airport, not turning on the cold hard cash.

The fact that the airline – a pseudo-currency, in which there is no system of checks and balances. Airline launches run on the loan, has the right to devalue them, to change the rules or start to charge additional fees as required. I've done the math on the true economic value of a mile to a mile, indicating that you would be better to collect the cash rewards than airline. For all these reasons, I would like to purchase for cash all of my credit card purchases than airline. In order to achieve the grievances, the majority of rewards cards do not have annual fees, while the usual run of the card will cost $ 60 to $ 100 per year for the "privilege" of ownership. With all of the evidence the choice is obvious … no rest mileage monkeys. Just say "no" run of cards and say "Yes" to return the credit card.


attentive Franco

P.S. As a disclaimer, I was lucky with the program rewards the Southwest, which is based on conducted tours and not pralyatanyh miles. The other day I commented Mrs. Franco how ridiculous that once the South-West was considered a "discount airline", and now I see it as a luxury liner (free checked bags, western race, snacks, no booking fees, and a worthy reward program).


9 ways to avoid swine flu in travel time

Due to the hype about swine flu, did not think to try to avoid unnecessary public trips, including air travel. But the FAA and the CDC only warn flight if you already feel the symptoms of the disease or you in contact with someone who suras & # 39; ozna at risk of contracting the virus F1N1 flu.

Federal officials have just asked all people to address the common measures of health precautions, if they are in a public place and surrounded by other travelers. Because cheap, in particular, frequently replenished quickly, making for a crowded aircraft and airports, you may want to follow these basic guidelines to keep yourself healthy during flights.

1. Remember that everything you touch, including airfare, handles on the bags and identity, has the ability to be affected by someone else, and vice versa, so wash your hands often with soap and water. at least 30 seconds.

2. Bring along all the hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes (in a rather small capacity to transfer rules carry). You can wash your hands at any time, in any place and wipe any plastic surface, with which you are in contact with the armrests on the plane and in the seat of the airport, ticket counters, etc. – if you are armed with these two items.

3. Avoid the use of pillows and blankets on airline flights. Believe it or not, you are flying on cheap flights or premium airlines, aircraft have no washing machine or dryer, connected back to sanitize pillows and blankets in between flights. Bring along your own pillow or blanket as a shield against the very seat.

4. You will be hard to look for cheap flights that are not crowded with travelers; as a normal hygiene practices, be sure to sneeze and cough into your own body, it is desirable in the crook of your arm. Always wear a cloth to avoid spreading any germs to other passengers.

5. How useful can serve as flight attendants, employees of tickets and baggage, and as much as we appreciate what they are doing, it would not be heard, please deal with your own things, if it is possible at this time. Many discount airlines do not charge for checked baggage, but you may want to still consider their luggage on these cheap flights to avoid that counter ticketing and baggage handlers germinated your bags.

6. Airlines have probably already begun to discover cheap flights to Mexico and parts of the country, which was the swine flu outbreak, but federal officials warn against travel to these places and ask travelers to be particularly careful with regard to friends and family & # 39; and, who may have recently visited those parts of the world.

7. Remember that you usually contagious one week before the onset of flu symptoms, so if you think you can get in touch with someone who could bear the flu, it may be one of the few reasons to delay flights. another time.

8. You can never be too careful, because the wearing of masks in public to protect themselves from germs other travelers and save you from the spread may be a good idea.

9. Remember that only after you have left the aircraft, it does not mean that you avoid injury. If you are going to stay in a hotel room, and you have room in your suitcase, you might want to pack your own sheets and pillowcases.


6 tips to help you find the cheapest flight on the internet

Airline tickets – the most important element of the cost of any trip. Therefore, if you want to buy some tickets, we suggest you consider buying online. Below are a few tips that can help you find cheap flights on the Internet. Read on to learn more.

Install the browser in the "Animkita" mode

First of all, you need to set your browser in the "incognito". In fact, the flight search systems typically use a cookie to your browser to see your search history. While this may be a simple way ticket price monitoring on a regular basis, it can help you keep track of the lowest prices. Thus, it helps to browse in private mode, which helps you to show the latest results.

Compare multiple travel sites

Second, be sure to use several search engines to search for cheap airline tickets. The two major search engines – Google Flights and Momondo. In fact, they are stable and easy to use. The great thing about Google Flights from & # 39 is that he is looking directly at the websites of the information carrier.

Install a flexible travel schedule

Based on the days of the week that you want to travel, you know that the ticket prices are subject to change. No matter when you want to & # 39; to go, you can save a few bucks, if you fly on a Wednesday and not on Friday. It is also a good idea to avoid the rest, as the ticket prices are quite high during the holidays.

Almost every airline's website offers a flexible schedule that allows its customers to compare prices. Usually other manufacturers sites offer better search capability.

Use your award miles

If you regularly fly with a specific airline to offer you to take advantage of the award-winning. All you need to do is to fly with an airline partner. Just go to the site affiliate airlines and click "Pay with Rewards miles." This will give you an idea of ​​how much you can save on your next ticket.

Transfer your points

As for the card rewards for travel, your best option – platinum card American Express and Presered Presered Chase. Both of these cards you can redeem your rewards. In addition, you can transfer award points on the affiliate website to better deal.

Check out at the last minute

Wait until the last minute to buy a ticket, it can be very expensive. In some cases, you can save up to 60%. Although you may not know the exact time of flight of the carrier or, you can guess based on available flights. It can still save you, if you're smart.

Brief history, if you're going on a trip in the near future, we suggest you follow these tips. This can save a considerable amount of money for the next trip. All you need to do is to have a flexible schedule and know where to look.


Delta Airlines is cheap international flights

Delta Airlines – US airline operator, which was founded in 1924. He said that he had acted in different cities since 1929, when the aviation boom that took place in the United States in those days. International Airport Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta – master node from which Delta Airlines operate today. In late 2008, North West Airlines on the & # 39; united with Delta Airlines in 2008. To date, & # 39 is the world's largest commercial airline operator.

Like all other commercial operators airlines have also introduced a cheap international flights, to stay afloat in the market. It offers a range of cheap international flights that fly in different places at different times of the year. It is the only airline operator in the United States of America, which offers flights on all six inhabited continents of the world. With excellent infrastructure and more than 1,000 aircraft that are in custody, they fly in as many as 3,675 locations worldwide. All these per & # 39; and has already been added, the introduction of cheap international airfares allowed to become one of the best airlines operators worldwide.

Airlines operate more than 1,500 flights a day from different areas of the world and employs approximately 70,000 employees in various fields. Employees of Delta Airlines offer additional services such as dental, vision and mental examination, as well as free tickets all over the world, after they have worked at least 30 days. Aeroflot, AirEuropa, Aitalia, AeroMexico, Air France – business partners of those women people flying Delta Airlines, can check the current status of the flight on your website. Or they can also learn about the flight status by calling the Delta Airlines customer service. re-recording of flights on time, except for unavoidable circumstances, such as air traffic or bad weather out & # 39; I, causing flight delays.

Another unique about the & # 39; an object, provided that it allows passengers to travel with their pets in the cabin, related to specific conditions. Pet, which transports passengers, should be kept in the nursery, which is placed under the seat of the aircraft. Rules and regulations concerning the size of the nursery can be checked by the authorities Delta Airlines.


Your Guide To Airline KPI

Airline overcome countless challenges and problems. There are times when the heads of the airlines have to drastically cancel a flight, which leads to the crowd again & # 39; frenzied and anxious passengers. Often these scenarios lead to trouble on his return flight, and sometimes to lengthy injuries, for example, a reduction in the number of passengers. Problems Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from minor problems to the sur & # 39; oznyh safety issues. If they remain undetected, it can become a huge problem of snow balls. In managing the airline, irrespective of the level and agencies need to plan careful planning, especially with the use of performance management systems. Then you need to understand the airline or key performance indicators of the airline.

KPI or key performance indicators are essential for the performance management system of the airline. Think of this as for a pistol bullet, the air and fuel for tires for motor vehicles. Without these indicators is absolutely impossible leadership assess and evaluate how effective the company's strategy. Moreover, without the performance and can not come up with a reasonable and effective solutions. KPI from the & # 39 are common: they all look the same and they all apply to most types of business. However, for the airline, there are exceptions. Therefore, the key performance indicators such organizations need to be configured. Overall, the performance management work airlines are classified into four: service indicators, flights, customer prospects and financial outlook.

Indicators of service – is a parameter that is used to control the operation of airlines, which generally deals with services. The main purpose of the evaluation of these actions on the & # 39 is a good understanding of how each employee service department. Moreover, it will allow executives the idea how the new equipment and facilities improve service and eventually sales. An increase or decrease in the number of occupied seats means something and should require immediate action. The addition of new suppliers and partners can also mean health service.

Aviation operations, on the other hand, are related to operational aspects of the airline, such as the number of passengers per flight, the number of flights per day, the number of flights during unpleasant out & # 39; I, the use of aircraft and available time for flying. Fewer flights and more passengers would mean upgrading, replacement or addition of the aircraft.

Indicators prospective clients usually involve passengers in the evaluation process. Most of the time they are given to fill questionnaires, evaluations or feedback. Passengers are asked about their opinion on how they are treated the crew, baggage issues, flights, meals and even during the safety inspection. Of course, the more complaints than praise, should be so anxious to change or improve any deficiency in the service.

Financial Perspectives, which mainly take part in financial management, – a measure that lets you know whether the money match and properly used. The parameters include fuel costs, profits, income and expenses. Negative essence should be the basis for further investigation and immediate action.

service indicators, flights, customer perspective and financial perspective – that's four major airline KPI or key performance indicators that managers should always be taken into account in the management of the company. If there are other problems that need to be included, new indicators must be limited in time, reliable, valid, and measuring specific.


How to get the cheapest price on the airline, which will destroy your mind!

If you are interested in how to arrange cheap airlines, you have come to the right place. Traveling on the airlines – this time, which is sometimes more expensive, and as a result prevents people to go to places that they really want to go. Many large tourist companies want you to think that they have the lowest price, but in fact, these sites can not give you a price that you can get your own, if you know the techniques of this. Here I want to give you a few tips to get a price reduction of prices on airline tickets.

The only thing you can do to get great deals on airline travel is to take the flight, which most people do not want. By doing this, you give yourself a chance to talk to the airlines to reduce the cost of your ticket. They often want to negotiate, because to get to the flight with a very low price is still better than they do not make money.

In addition to this, another great advice on how to get cheap airline – is to contact the airlines for any daily and weekly specialties that they work. Airlines often run special promotions that they do not even advertise, and using slightly unconventional thinking, you can get these deals. The key is to call around midnight, because for the first transaction airlines updated.

Although these tips are great, I have a method that I use over and over again to get excellent deals on airline travel. The real key – to know someone in the business, as it can save a few hundred dollars for each ticket you purchase. This I did, and I know that it will work for you.


Cheap flights to Tampa: a review of the airport and tips for saving on airfare

If you are looking for cheap flights to Tampa, it is important to know a bit about the city and its airport. It is the third largest city in Florida and has many attractions, including outdoor recreation, fun beaches, and the infamous Bridge Sunway Skyway. Flights arrive at the international airport (TPA), which is next to the waters of Tampa Bay.

There are more than 50 airlines. The airport itself is available around the clock flights in more than 60 cities. Approximately 120 international flights and 2,700 domestic flights depart from TPA every once in a week. Because it is such a busy airport, it is easy to find deals on airfare.

If Tampa is not on purpose, and you will fly back just under the communication flight, the airport has everything you need to keep yourself on the next flight. There are a number of restaurants and shops, as well as free Wi-Fi internet.

All of the major airlines, including Air Canada, Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, United and British Airways, offering flights to TPA. For a truly cheap flights to Tampa, you can check out the smaller airlines such as Frontier, Sun Country and Jet Blue.

As soon as your plane arrives, you will have many options to choose from ground transportation, including taxis, car rental, bus and minibus services cooperative. Some hotels in the region even offers a free shuttle from the airport to their guests who fly.

The town is usually visited by tourists during January and April. During this period, we can expect that the cost of tickets will be higher than usual. This does not mean that cheap flights to Tampa are impossible in the winter and early spring, but you just need to be patient and wait for the offers at the last minute or special offer.

Using a cheap flight to Tampa on vacation packages

As for vacation packages? Why not combine a plane ticket reservation? Sometimes on the & # 39; unification of the two together will lead to greater economy as a whole. While you're at it, think about how to add them to your rental car.

Rest all inclusion may or may not be right for you, depending on how long you plan to stay and what you want to do. Rest is still worth studying carefully – even if you plan to stay for a couple of days. If you are traveling on business, consider corporate discounts.

The more you are flexible depending on the date and time of day, the greater the chance of finding a cheap flight to Tampa.

Online promo code may be needed if you are looking for cheap flights to Tampa. However, it is important to revise the terms and conditions to find out if you are eligible to use them, as some travel coupons have certain requirements.