Factors affecting the cost of the air ticket

A wide range of prices that arise when buying a ticket, make it challenging. What factors affect the price?

  • The cost of fuel is one of the biggest influences on the tickets. As soon as the price of oil rises, so do the costs and airlines. Airlines are well agree on the purchase of fuel in the future, can avoid the spike and pass savings to customers.
  • A weak economy causes people to fall into the non-essential travel. It calls on airlines to give discounts to attract fliers back. Conversely, when business is good, but the planes full of power, offers little to offer flights at low cost.
  • airport cost – this is another part of the ticket price. Airlines, which use smaller airports to save on fees.
  • Purpose – factor. The competition will greatly affect the price. The airline that uses a virtual monopoly on a particular route may levy from all that they want. Flights on international routes have stiff competition from other countries and the need to keep prices in line with what they offer.
  • Low cost airlines can sometimes provide the cheapest flights with the help of "useless" approaches. This is most effective on domestic flights over short distances.
  • Timing play. If the departure time is approaching, and the flight is still a lot of empty seats, the airline can offer them a substantial reduction. If flying on a particular day is not a & # 39 is critical, you may want to hold out until the last minute.
  • Where to buy a ticket can affect its value. Travel agents get deals from carriers, but are paid for their services. Internet gives some deals, but be careful with whom you are dealing. Sometimes on their own airline operating neanansavanyya discounts.
  • Plain, old-fashioned greed. Air travel – a market economy, and airlines are charging as much as they can get. No one believe. Do your own research.

Buying cheap flights, remember that you actually compare. One airline advertises a flight to Asia at a price point of $ 800, while the other gives $ 1,300. Reading the fine print shows that the "cheapest fare" has another $ 700 hidden fees and surcharges, ie, it is $ 200 more than the rate "all inclusive".

There are many factors that affect the price of the ticket. How well the carrier manages these costs defines their essence. Competition – this is important, the airlines that most want your business to offer the best deals. Careful purchasing can help to find the cheapest flights.


Search the best deals on airline

All we hear some strange stories about how airlines charge people today. I only recently heard about the airline that is considering laying its passengers and, accordingly, the price of their tickets. That's a pretty dramatic things in my book, but then again, maybe it's justified. In any case, tickets booking can be a pretty expensive proposition.

But we, as a customer airlines, there is a way to respond. And what I mean by battling shopping smart and save money. Whether you are traveling for business or for personal reasons, there is no excuse to have failed to find the best deals on airline. The point is to know where to look, and then do your homework when looking for the best tickets. It is not difficult and, in my opinion, worthy of the effort.

I personally like to use the Internet to buy and compare the deals on the airline. There are literally dozens and dozens of sites that do not depend on the airlines, so they do not accept. This means that in their interest to show you the best flights.

Some of these websites can be a little scary at first, but you quickly discover that is actually pretty easy to navigate. In fact, they can be very nice, once you get them. I consider the travel sites as a treasure map, and I have to find the treasure, which in this case with the & # 39 is an exceptional bargain for the airline.

What you'll find is that these sites usually offer travel much more than just airline tickets and information. Many of them offer package deals that include hotel, car rental and visit attractions such as theme parks and museums. In fact, it makes sense does not it? The bottom line is that you can get great tickets within trip.

Another great alternative to the & # 39 is to book at the last minute reservation. Typically, in order to find the best deals, you need to pre-book your flight in advance. But a little-known secret is that if you are flexible and can travel at the last minute, there are some great deals. Airlines are faced with cancellation at the last minute, will sell their tickets for sale, in contrast to ensure that these places are empty, and the airline is not earned on any money.

If you find a large number of cheap flights at the last minute, then you must be ready to travel at odd times. Usually what airlines are most of their empty seats during flights. But my money traveling at odd hours of the morning and night – this inconvenience, which is more than offset by savings in airfare.

I personally have had great success and saved a lot of money by doing comparison shopping online and taking advantage of those great deals on airlines that are available. They are there, believe me, you just need to know where to look.


Tips for finding cheap tickets to Elin

Or & # 39 is the cost of a plane ticket is your primary concern for the solution of the trip? If not, congratulations! You're lucky. But if you are a member of the people who might think that traveling by plane is expensive, then you have to find a way to get a cheap flight.

There are many tips and guidelines that can easily help you to get cheap flights. I would single out a few of these that are quickly and easily from the point of view of consumers.

The most important advice – save time flexible. If the price – this is your main problem, while – your savior. If you do not have to catch any important meeting or any other event that requires your immediate attention, you can probably spare their time to travel at any time. As you know, most airlines are attributed to the "peak season" and "low season peak." Of course, when the demand is high, you can not grab a ticket low cost. So that you can really do is target all these inexpensive seasons. Your flexibility will save you a lot of the ticket price. But maybe you're wondering how to navigate this inexpensive ticket? It's very simple, making the own due care. On this you can gather a lot of information from the Internet, travel agent or any low cost airline. You can simply go to Google and type "low-cost airline in your country." This will return you a lot of results. Once you get all the information that follows – make a comparison between all these cheap airline tickets and choose the one that best fits your time.

Also, watch for a discount, which from time to time offer airline. As the competition among all big airlines, it certainly will benefit us in terms of getting a low fare. On the Internet there are many sites with discounts. Just look at it and compare with each other in order to get the maximum benefit. The Internet is full of useful information for you to learn about the cheapest air ticket. Demand for some time, and you can buy a cheap ticket to the place of their dreams. As a reminder, do not book a ticket after you feel that a cheap ticket. Do more research in various companies. You can see that the price can be very Var & # 39; iravatstsa from one to another. How about if you do not have an Internet connection? Well, you can always search advertising in the newspaper or contact a travel agent. Most of the travel agent has a relationship with the airlines. Just go and ask them as many questions as possible. Some of the good travel agents will give you a recommendation to get a cheap flight. As always, I do not get too excited and made a wrong decision. Do more on the survey of other travel agents. Please keep in mind that many travel agents are willing to cut prices to win your competition. Thus, your vacation dreams can become a reality, despite the fiscal budget.

The next thing you need to practice, – to choose the right travel package. For most destinations, different travel agents will provide a variety of packages. You must make your choice. If the location is not for you to worry, try to select those packets with a longer duration of stay, so you have the maximum days of visitation.

If you are conducting a study of airlines, you can realize that the airfare is significantly different. Expensive flight usually comes with more comfortable seat and food entering the aircraft. But since you are looking for a cheap, why care? Most importantly – you'll be able to achieve its goal. Sometimes you can realize low-cost airlines, which have a limited terminal. Airport terminal may be far away from your area. Do not let it take you. You can try to catch this flight other public transport such as bus or training, if you have a lot of time. In short, you still have a chance to get a cheap flight.

Finally, do not hesitate. Most people know that it can be accessed by a cheap ticket, but they simply did not dare to ask about it, simply because they are afraid that other laugh. This is a very wrong attitude. Do not let this happen to you and become your main obstacle in getting cheap flights. Remember, do not be shy. Instead, it is very reasonable, because you know, to seize a good opportunity.

Finally, find a cheap flight is not very difficult. What you really need to do is take his own time and to make efforts. Then the best deal will be on your way.


Airline ticket: only the beginning of the flight cost

Previously, it was the purchase of tickets is quite a simple task. You choose your flight and the time and pay to fly from point A to point B. Today, the ticket purchase difficult. Leaflets are faced with many choices, each with its own price tag.

For the cost of a plane ticket payments can be added so that the base value is usually only the initial. According to Max Levitt, co-founder of, "consumers do not know what to expect if you do not read all the fine print, which many in our time." While your cable company offers a complete set of services, the airlines are doing the opposite, offering you a la carte selection of services that were formerly part of the usual fare. Carriers argue that additional fees for airline tickets – it's just the idea of ​​giving them a flyer more choices. United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek compared the process with the pizza order, saying, "We used to serve you a pizza with all the toppings, and all that you have Splitting allows passengers to pay only for what they want.".

But what if the current basic price of an airline ticket is the price above the traditional "all the toppings"? According to the press-secretary of industry, airlines need additional income to stay in the air. Perko, who were part of the cost of a plane ticket, but now pay for additional fees include baggage check (the heavier the bag, the higher the price), the abolition of the dishes and food and beverage. Some other charges added to the price of a plane ticket, provide new services such as wireless internet access and a seat with extra leg room. It is even a new program, which resulted in a passenger can buy a plane ticket to a higher value, which allows him or her to place 1.5. If I were cynical, I would suggest that the size of the seats in the aircraft during the last few years is reduced, so the people would like to buy a second. (Some so.) Selling dual seat means less weight of passengers and baggage on the plane, which leads to lower fuel consumption, and income from the ticket remains the same. Of course, it is possible that I am now more than before, and the chairs seem smaller …

In July 2013 survey of Consumer Reports named the America & # 39; s Spirit Airlines the most hated by the carrier. About 39% Spirit of income in 2012 fell to other sources rather than ticket. George Hobika, founder and editor of Airfarewatchdog tracking transaction airlines, says: "The Spirit – the only airline that stays with tariffs, which can be up to 90 percent less than other carriers." The problem lies in the fact that in addition to the cost of a plane ticket, he also collects a wide range of duties, from 10 to 19 dollars only for flight booking, $ 3 for juice, soft drink or candy, and from 35 to 100 dollars per bag. Ironically, Spirit Airlines is flourishing, while the other major carriers do not in & # 39 are. It should be very popular in those passengers who travel without luggage. It is clear that, although no one likes extra fees, these fees must be weighted according to the proposed comprehensive airlines such as Southwest and Virgin America to determine the best deal by aviyabiletse.