Overview of models of prehistoric life amebelodon in Safari

Prehistoric life model Amebelodon Safari Safari, manufacturers models in the US, may be well known for his models of dinosaurs, for example, a series of Carnegie Collectibles, but they also produce a number of prehistoric mammal models. Titled series "Prehistoric Life" the Safari offers a number of prehistoric mammals. There are the usual models that […]

Advances in telemedicine technologies

Telemedicine there for as long as telephone, but the first videatelekamedyya was used in 1920 in Nebraska. Telemedicine is developing for the past 10 – 12 years and is defined as an interactive medicine with the use of modern telecommunications. The telemedicine started to participate different practices, radiology and achieved great success. Teleradyyalogiya – is […]

Joseph Robidoux founded St. Joseph, Missouri (also called St. Joe, Missouri)

St. Joseph, Missouri, was founded by fur trader Joseph Robidoux, who lived from 1783-1868 gg. Place in northwest Missouri, where Joseph Robidoux established its trading post Blacksnake Hills, – a modern St. Joseph, Missouri, with a population of about 75 000 people. During the years before the founding of one of the present day, the […]