Overview of models of prehistoric life amebelodon in Safari


Prehistoric life model Amebelodon Safari

Safari, manufacturers models in the US, may be well known for his models of dinosaurs, for example, a series of Carnegie Collectibles, but they also produce a number of prehistoric mammal models. Titled series "Prehistoric Life" the Safari offers a number of prehistoric mammals. There are the usual models that could be expected from models of prehistoric mammals, Smilodon (Sabre Tooth Cat), Megatery (Giant Sloth) and Woolly Mammoth. However, this set includes one more model of an elephant – Amebeladon.

Amebelodon included in gomfateryi (primitive elephants), although we are familiar with African and Indian elephants today. These species are not available from the & # 39 are members of the family & # 39; and elephants, as once these herbivores were widespread in different lineages, Europe and America as well as Africa and Asia. Unlike today elephants in Amebeladona tusks were two pairs, the set of claws canines in the upper jaw and bizarre pair of scoops, similar shovel, speaking in the lower jaws. It is from these tusks are located on jaws, Amebeladon got its name "shovel-tuck of a tooth."

Stones associated with this elephant deposits upper miyatsenu and dated from 9 to 6 million years ago. Perhaps this is the most studied species, and where we see the Safari model Amebeladon freaks, elephant, whose fossils have been found in the United States (Nebraska and Kansas). The remaining members of the genus Amebeladonav are known to have lived in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Amebeladon freaks – Miyatsenski late prehistoric elephant

A. Freaks typical of the kind of Amebeladont. Mature males stood about three meters at the shoulder and can grow to a length of over 5 meters. Although the lack of a complete skeleton vykapnyavaga complicates accurate calculation of body weight, it has been estimated Amebeladon freaks He probably weighed about 3 tons, making it about the same size as a modern Indian elephant bull. It is this kind has been named and described in 1927 by the famous American scientist and academician Ervin Hink Barbour.

Barbour actively interested paleontological discoveries in North America, and that is the opening of a partial skull material in Nebraska has allowed him to prepare a document on prehistoric mammals. Remains of the skull contained fossil tusks, and it is from them Barbara was able to hold a formal scientific description. The tusks of prehistoric elephants are usually preserved. They are formed from the same material from which to make our own teeth – enamel. Under the right conditions and circumstances enamel can easily penetrate and remain as a fossil material.

Tusks in the lower jaw are extremely characteristic, they are the same, as the name implies, a shovel-like wizard. To note the similarity in scientific papers about Amebeladone, published in 1930, met the image of different shovels and spades near the fossilized lower jaw and tusks, so that readers can compare their own.

It is likely that these modified tusks were used for feeding. It is known that amebeladonty widely Var & # 39; Irawan and lived in different places of residence to the wetlands, forests, forest areas and more open areas such as grassland plains. These large animals probably were not vain consumer and used their tusks in various ways, it is possible to help the "rake" aquatic plants from the outskirts of lakes and ponds, clear the bark of trees and use them to dig in the ground tubers and roots. .

Amebeladon – prehistoric life model Safari

Safari, Amebelodon model, with & # 39 is a welcome member of the range models of prehistoric life. Size it length just over 17 centimeters, and a shoulder about 8 centimeters. The body is painted in dull gray, resembling the color of African elephants plains and grasslands of Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya. skin tone on the body is very finely detailed and sewn tag at the back and on the sides give the model a very realistic look. Muscle tone in a well-defined shoulder, but at the back not shown the tea. Scientists believe that certain types of primitive elephants stored fat reserves in special glands located over the shoulders and neck. While traces of such a body in the majority of prehistoric elephants difficult to confirm because of the lack of fossil records, amebeladonty may have developed such a body to help them survive the long periods when the plant food was particularly scarce.

The model is very good colored eyes, and features a wide trunk shows in great detail. Model treated with a raised body and an open mouth opening fancy lower tusks shaped spades at its best. Tusks themselves are realistic yellowish tint. Legs show how thick the pads are distributed on the weight of the animal, as she walked, and the model looks like animating like an animal got into the movement, perhaps cautiously treading on some soft, muddy ground.

To complete the model, short tail has a black tuft of hair at the end. To our knowledge, no evidence that the tail Amebeladon freaks preserved tail simply modeled on the tail of the modern African elephant. It is believed that these animals were relatively short ears. There would be no need to develop large ears to help achieve the loss of heat and cool temperature places of residence, which is believed to live amebeladonty. This is the reason disproportionately small ears Safari model.

In general, this is a very attractive model of a prehistoric animal, which is a more unusual family member & # 39; and elephants, and it is very nice to see how it is stored in a series of Safari models of prehistoric life.


termite infestation


Termite Infestation refers to the state of the invasion of termites in the forest. If the structure falls into a paradise for mating and believe it suitable to meet the needs for food and water, it is called "infected" by them.

The reason for the infection of volatile forest ants, pieces of furniture, doors, windows, walls, and books that termites have found the perfect place for breeding, the need for food and water. They are able to survive in the form of colonies.

The second reason is the infection of ear shells is that the place they have chosen is suitable for the passage of the road from the tree to the ground, and they can easily build a soil tunnel access. Termite infestation can be estimated on the basis of these mud paths attack Roev, feces, paints and other distorted. Insects descendants fly around the world, because the light for them attractive, so you can identify their presence.

Wood is affected by termites, it is hollow and is aware of the active invasion of termites can be divided into a dirty pipe with & # 39 worker ants appear, however, when it is empty, it is not a sign of lack of termite infestation. It is possible that they have moved somewhere else.

Termite infestation is prevalent in America and Africa, particularly in Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska and California. Need of the hour is to spot the infection. Regardless of whether you use the building for residential or commercial use, it should be checked and, if necessary termite infestation their immediate control as the rate of growth of termites is very high. After they went into the woods and dragged into it, you will not be able to rid your furniture from exposure.

If your building is on sale, you should follow the infection of these ants and control it before it takes root. This may affect the rate of sales and will leave a bad impression that the building is suffering swarm infestation. Despite the fact that he is insured, you can not from time to time to take responsibility for termite treatment.

Sometimes the infestation of flying ants even with the & # 39 is a potential that is not easy to detect, and you can not detect it, probably because they are tightly infect the inside of the timber and imperceptibly damage the valuable pieces of furniture. However it is better if you are constantly continue treatment while waiting to burst termites


Henry Sy "Keys to Success"


Who & # 39; th Henry Sy? It is rich and successful? If so, why talk about it? Why not just enjoy success with Donald Trump or Warren Buffet student, the oracle of Nebraska?

Henry C inspired millions of people from the Philippines and around the world because of how he built his business empire; he created the "phenomenon of the trade" and turned the shopping experience in the Philippines.

Henry was born in China. The poor and desperate at age 12, his family & # 39; I moved to the Philippines to look for greener pastures. Initially, he established a small shop, as aspired to a better life. After the Second World War, he opened several stores shoes. Inspired by his early success, he began Shoemart retail store in 1958, and then the department stores.

Through perseverance and hard work, he gradually expanded its stores to the mall to grab a bigger market. If it is planned to build the first shopping center, many people, including bankers and businessmen who believed that it was not a very good idea, especially since the Philippines is in crisis. But he stuck to his vision and its first shopping center was a huge success.

And now Henry Company possess large banks, businesses, real estate and several huge shopping centers in the Philippines and China. In fact, three of its shopping centers in Metro Manila are in the top 10 largest shopping centers in the world.

In 2008, Forbes magazine named him one of the world's billionaires and the richest in the Philippines with $ 3.1 billion net worth. Wow! Not bad for someone who started almost nothing.

What are the secrets of success, Henry?

The eldest daughter Teresita Sy-Koson, Henry, which operates numerous businesses, revealed the formula of his success. In one of his speeches (published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 2004), she said that Henry & 14; successful strategy: 1. Lead Integrity 2. 3. 4. Vision Focus Passion 5. 6. 7. Hard work stubbornness optimism 8. 9 10. Self Organization Discipline 11. 12. 13. Mission social responsibility and 14. The recognition capabilities. Do you have any quality of Henry?

Below you will find questions about the secrets of the success of Henry. Read carefully each of them and give their honest answers.

about leadership

Are you willing to be different? Are you ready to create a brand that represents who you are, or that shows how unique your business? Are you ready to take the necessary and at the same time painful solutions to help your business?


Can people trust you? Can you trust yourself? Do you mean what you say and say what you mean? You go on talking? You fulfill your promise?

on Sight

Do you have any long-term plan? Do you see yourself or your business in 15 years? Or 50 years from now? You weighed the necessary steps to achieve your goals?

to focus

You are totally focused on achieving your dreams? You do your best to ignore the distraction? Or stroke you're dealing with people who spend their time?

of passion

Do you have a burning desire to succeed? Do you like to enjoy success, in spite of the damage, disappointment and loss? You admire what you are doing?

On hard work

Are you willing to give extra hours on sale, to create a higher quality product or improve? You make every effort to promote your business or your business?

about perseverance

You persevere against all odds? Or you stay, despite the negativity in your community, or problems in your family & # 39; and? Do you feel encouraged to make the best of your losses and failures?

If you answer so with all these questions, you've got what it takes to achieve success, as Henry C.


Advances in telemedicine technologies


Telemedicine there for as long as telephone, but the first videatelekamedyya was used in 1920 in Nebraska. Telemedicine is developing for the past 10 – 12 years and is defined as an interactive medicine with the use of modern telecommunications.

The telemedicine started to participate different practices, radiology and achieved great success. Teleradyyalogiya – is the process of electronic transmission of radiographic images and associated patient information from one place to another. The purpose of introducing telemedicine practices such as teleradyyalogiya with & # 39 is the solution without the printing and paper solutions for radiology department, as well as for patients. Advanced technology and digital image enabled to view X-ray images on computers and the Internet. An ongoing effort to develop teleradyyalogii, one of those with the & # 39 is a system image archiving and communication systems (PACS). Image archiving system and connection management and are useful for storing vast quantities of information in a medical institution. Since PACS – an internet technology, the radiologist can use any computer anywhere in the world and access the scanned images on the Internet. No special software or software is required. All you need to do rentgenolaga – is to use your powers and get to go to the site, to analyze the scanned image, and then enter the result in the program. Since the entire process online, it is so fast that as soon as the radiologist enters the result in the program and save it, it can get access to the hospital.

Radiologists require that the system satisfied the four factors were present. The report must be accurate for the content teleradyyalogii staff should be available to interact with the inner radiologist, if necessary, should be available, technical assistance, and the results should be acceptable.


Wade Boggs – a short biography


Wade Anthony Boggs was born in Omaha, Nebraska, June 15, 1958. At an early age his family & # 39; I moved to Florida, where Wade was in high school plant. In high school he was a member of the football and baseball teams. Boggs started his professional car & # 39; a career in baseball with the Boston Red Sox in 1982. Wade played 10 years in the Boston Red Sox, then in 1992 sold New York Yankees.

Playing for the Yankees Wade taught his teammates extreme step selection process. Selecting the extreme step – is to swing only at ideal sites and trying to fend off the close and hard pads. Using this method, the impact usually causes the other team out of the bullpen to make his weak pitchers. C command Boggs Yankee improved basic interest. Boggs left the Yankees of New York in 1997.

Wade signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Ray & # 39; s in 1998, where he played the last two seasons. After receiving a knee injury in the season of 1999, he retired from baseball. His last game was held August 27, 1999 During the last season, the final Boggs hit his 3,000-x, which was the home course. Being the only player ever to hit a home for his 3,000th hit, he was honored at the "Tampa" stadium with a bright yellow spot where his ball landed. It is inextricably to the blue seats at the stadium.

Kar & # 39; EPA Wade Boggs to Achievements and awards included 12-time All-Star selection, 1-time champion of the World Series, 2-fold reward gold gloves and 8-time winner of the "Silver Sluger" award. Statistics his car & # 39; EASURES an average of 3228, 3010 hits, 118 runs at home and 1014 runs. As a result, on April 7, 2000 Wade 12 retired. Boston Red Sox selected him in its Hall of Fame in 2005.

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Joseph Robidoux founded St. Joseph, Missouri (also called St. Joe, Missouri)


St. Joseph, Missouri, was founded by fur trader Joseph Robidoux, who lived from 1783-1868 gg. Place in northwest Missouri, where Joseph Robidoux established its trading post Blacksnake Hills, – a modern St. Joseph, Missouri, with a population of about 75 000 people.

During the years before the founding of one of the present day, the ten largest cities in Missouri Robidoux rose across the State of St. Louis, Missouri, where he had six brothers. From an early age, Joseph and his brothers learned the family business to sell their father's fur, which in the eighteenth century began to send Joseph up and down the Missouri River in adolescence, to hone their trade.

Currently, the city of Chicago, Joseph Robidoux set up a retail outlet near the fort Derryborn, Illinois, but ironically his success has led to the death. According to legend, Joseph was so young businessman that older older men who practiced his craft, is not considered too kind to the young and the present set foot on their territory and ripped his established business. To correct the disorder, which caused Joseph locals Derryborn fort convinced local Indians to threaten and interfere with Joseph until he literally runs out of the city.

After retiring from Illinois, Joseph has established itself in modern Omaha, Nebraska, and moved with his second wife (after the death of his first wife in 1805 Eugene) at a wedding in 1813 in Vaudreuil Angelica. Between the two marriages Joseph had eight children (two from his first marriage and six on the other), and today the names of many children decorate some of the most commonly used streets in the city of St. Joseph, Missouri, which he eventually founded. Among the names of his children, who were immortalized streets named in their honor – Messana, Pharaoh Francis, Felix and Edmond. While these names may seem a bit outdated for most people in the twenty-first century, those who have spent a considerable amount of time around St. Joseph, Missouri to instantly recognize these names as one of the biggest streets in the city.

Joseph Robidoux sold his successful business on the fur trade in Nebrastsy in 1822 the company "American fur" and decided to leave the territory after being motivated by "the American Fur Company" annual payments of $ 1,000 to the implementation of the agreement on nekankurentsyi.

After spending time back in St. Louis after the sale of his business the American Fur Company Robidoux, was later hired by the American Fur Company to create Blacksnake Hills outlet in northwest Missouri, near Kansas City, and Joseph Robidoux laid the foundation for the city of St. Joseph County, Missouri, who was holding his namesake more than 150 years.


Why buy land in Missouri


Are you planning to purchase a property? Then the purchase of real estate in Missouri, located in the mid-western United States, could be an excellent choice. Read this article to learn about Missouri and why buying land there can be a great investment in the future.

Missouri is located in the central western part of the United States. It is surrounded by seven neighboring states, namely, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Nebraska. Missouri – eighteenth of the state's population. In Missouri, you can find the purchased land in places like Antlerny Ridge, Barnes-Lovz, Indian Creek and Ranch Whispering Oaks. You can buy land in Missouri for camping, hunting and residential needs. Whatever the reason, everyone is sure to find a piece of land to your liking.

Missouri is considered an ideal place for those who find peace in the certificate of natural beauty. HRES Antler, located in the inner part of Missouri, bordered by a forest of national forest Mark Twain on the east side and the south and west sides – the pioneering forest protection area. The forest area in the country is 420 000 hectares, which gives the opportunity to explore and enjoy the wildlife. Landmarks completely strange with lush foliage and large pines and oaks. Antler-ridge – an ideal place for those who love fishing, camping and rafting. Barnes Hall is located in Shannon County, not far from the county seat of Texas. It is the perfect place to relax. You can opt for a land purchase in Barnes Holvese for residential needs. The area with the & # 39 is part of a beautiful scenic rivers.

Indian cry bordered by conservation Ridge area. 420,000 hectares of national forest near Mark Twain – is an exciting opportunity for those who find a thrill in the hunt and outdoor activities in forest areas. Here is an opportunity to build a camp cabin or a permanent residence on the territory of the property. While Whispering Oaks Ranch is adjacent to a state park and national forest Mantauk Mark Twain. This is a place for everyone who loves rural life.

You can choose to purchase the land for sale in Missouri, having recourse to the real estate dealers who are engaged in the purchase of property.

With regard to the climate, to Missouri in the summer can be hot and humid, while winters are quite the opposite. One may wonder about the connection of Missouri to the rest of the country. Missouri has two major airport site; One – Lambert-St. Other airports Louis and Kansas City International Airport. Three of saturated rail centers of America are located in Missouri: railroad Kansas City Southern Railway Norfolk and the Union Pacific Railroad.

Thus, if someone is planning to buy the tract in Missouri, nothing could be better than to get the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the country, while living there. Interestingly, these plots of land are available at very affordable prices and are mainly located in picturesque places. Anyone who likes to spend some time away from the busy city life, enjoying camping and hunting, buying land in Missouri – the best investment.


Revalyutsyyanizavany Acting Brand


Marlon Brando was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in the mother and alcoholic father. His mother was aspiring actress who worked in regional theater with Henry Fonda. His father, a traveling salesman for the company's fertilizer. In his youth, Marlon Jr. charmed brother and brother – he had two sisters – and the mother of his unusual ability to mimic specific human behavior. At one time he terrified them, falling on the floor, "asking" epileptic seizure. They were convinced that the "capture" was real.

Something & # 39; I occasionally moved and Marlon Jr. appeared, developed a penchant for trouble. At some point, his parents enrolled him in the Military Academy Shatuka with the hope that his new surroundings give him some discipline and direction. Their Marne expelled from their seats when Marlon kicked (he was notorious, and after a prank Marlon was a lot). At some point, having no real aspirations to talk about it, he came to New York and signed up for some lessons in acting. Irwin Piskatar of the New School and Robert Lewis (at that time a well-known teacher of actors and directors) were among his teachers. But the teacher who had the greatest influence on his business, one of which he ranks as his most influential teacher was Stella Adler. Mrs. Mrs. Adler was one of the original members theater group and the daughter of Jacob Adler, giant Yiddish theater. Adler taught him well, and Brand, who had a great talent (Elia Kazan and Tennessee Williams thought he was a genius), have become masters of the masters.

During the 1940s, Brando & # 39; has appeared on Broadway in Caddy August Moon, born flag, I remember my mother, Truckline Cafe and Streetcar named Desire. Seeing Brand in Maxwell Anderson Truckline Cafe, Elia Kazan was duly impressed. When it's time to play the role of Stanley Kowalski Tennessee Williams & # 39; A street car named Desire, Brand was his first choice. To make a deal, he sent in a Brand Pravinstaun audition in Tennessee Williams. Kazan gave Brand $ 20 and sent him on his way. Three days later, Kazan phoned Williams, which Kazan said Brandt never with & # 39; was. Knowing the habits of Brando, Kazan was convinced that Brando, his free spirit, used the money on something else and now waded in Pravinstaun to meet and honor for Williams. Of course, Kazan received a second phone call from Williams, who said Brand, who finally arrived, was arrested because he was hungry, and used the money to buy food. He continued to captivate Williams with his reading Stanley. That was all. Brand would play Stanley and Blanche, Stella and Mitch would play Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden (who performed together with Brando Truckline Cafe) respectively. Nick Dennis, Peg Hiliyard and Rudy Bond were disrupted with actors studio To round out the rest of the major players, Irena O. Selznik, the wife of David O. Selznika and daughter of Louis B. Mayer.

When rehearsals began, the perfect start to take shape. Something that neither ever felt Kazan, Irena O. Selznik whether any of the other members of the cast. Brand was a force of nature. First of all (by his own description) instinctive actor who follows his instincts at every turn, sometimes confusing the members of the cast. " Every word seemed nothing zapaminanym and spontaneous expression of intense inner experience – to what level of work seeking to achieve all the actors. "* Brando was the fuel, raw, vulnerable, alive and February. Nothing about his work was not invented and contrived. "Marlon, working from the inside, was traveling from his emotions wherever he was not taken away; his speech was full of surprises and exceeds what you expect Williams and I am in the process of creating a miracle What should I do, but to be grateful for…" *

Those of you who saw the film know that Kazan score on the implementation of Brand was not at all an exaggeration. Brand was the epitome of what it means to " live truly in imaginary circumstances, the data ". Sometimes there were complaints; "You never know what he will do next, where he is and what he would say." Said Vivien Leigh, co-author of the film. Brand challenged the rest of the cast, and because of them improved. They were forced to "listen" and "respond". He kept them in a sock, and as a result they were all grateful for what they have done them better. He was not going to go at a glance instinctive choice, because someone objects, or may take offense.

One of the key options for good acting work with the & # 39 is to study the importance of staying in the moment, to attract all your attention to themselves on the & # 39; the object of your behavior, listening, and responds by your true point of view. Meisner said that in his art and created his exercise to repeat helping the actors to develop their instincts. I have no idea, Brando could affect the technique Meissner. What I do know is that Marlon Brando embodied all the specific qualities necessary for any good / great actor, not only for success but also for car & # 39; EASURES. If you watch it again and again, you'll see why it has had such an impact on all the actors with whom he had ever worked. It does not matter who runs against him, always draws your attention to it. If he is not on the screen, everything slows down. It is not knocking on other great actors who came out on stage and film. The fact that (in my humble opinion), his best has never been one like him.

* This book Barzoy published by Alfred A. Knopf, INC. Copyright 1988 Elia Kazan


Be concerned, be very concerned


In 1950, the United States took out of the land 12 trillion liters of water; by 1980, this figure more than doubles and is still increasing at an alarming rate. Aquifer Ogallala depleted at a rate 12 Bln. Cube. M (Ft 420 billion or 9,729,000 acres ft.) Per year, that is up to date on the complete depletion of & # 39; volume equal annual Colorado river stream 18 (4000 cubic feet). per second).

Time magazine reported: "aquifer Ogallala sucked dry Some estimates say that it dries in just 25 years, many farmers in the Texas High Plains, which are particularly rely on groundwater sources, are now turning away from irrigated agriculture As of & # 39; appearance!. hazard peranaselennya aquifer stretches from South Dakota through Nebraska, where two-thirds of the water is up to Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. farmers pumped water from the Ogallala as if she nevych . Annual arpalnaya on & # 39;. The amount of water that is replenished, almost equal to the Colorado River Flows engineering firm Camp, Dreser and McKay, estimated that in 2020 about 5.1 million hectares of irrigated land is dry.

Today the American south-west with a & # 39 is the most heavily irrigated area in the world, transforming the desert into a veritable Garden of Eden. However, this strong irrigation can destroy the earth with salt seepage. Colorado River at 1,400 miles long – it is a life of 11 million people from Denver to San Diego. In fact, today, 1.5 million hectares of irrigated farm beautiful. This beautiful river is slowly being poisoned load of salt from saline wastewater western soils and salt concentration caused by evaporation and increase the use of the river in the seven states that were granted. salt level reaches more than 800 milligrams per liter, and are expected to soon reach 1200 m / l. EPA maximum safe level for drinking water of 500 ppm, 500 ppm is considered to be unfit for drinking. (This means a teaspoon of salt per gallon of water.) In addition to the depletion of underground sources of water, less precipitation falls on the land and over to the ocean, which is associated with displacement of air streams and globally changing conditions outside the & # 39; I.

WHAT CAN BE arrival?

As if the reduction in the water supply was not bad enough, we are rapidly destroying the little water that we have left with hazardous waste. Toxic chemicals on thousands of hazardous waste across the country continue to penetrate underground country, contaminating the land and groundwater and poison the air. The US General Accounting argues that Super Fund program will need to clean up more than 10 000 sites, it seems, is now a & # 39 is an overwhelming task. Six billion tons of solid and hazardous waste generated in the US each year. 400 million pounds of toxins each year is displayed in our waterways American industry given by the Environmental Protection Agency show environment (EPA). Recent research projects that at the current rate will take 30 to 35 years and 253 billion dollars to clean up most of the famous places in the country for toxic wastes that are still to be discovered. EPA expects that it will need to convert at least 294,000 sites for hazardous waste – and this amount may be up to 355,000.

Defensive approach?

E.P.A. in the implementation of the Law on safe drinking water is not able to establish national rules for primary drinking water for organic chemicals. Since 1975 E.P.A. I issued a very short list of maximum contaminant levels (MCls). The list includes some pesticides and herbicides, a small amount of inorganic chemicals, standard for coliform bacteria, turbidity, radionuclides, and since 1979 – trygalametany. A total of 130 priority pollutants.

Amazing fact is that there are currently over 100,000 chemicals released to the environment, and about 1,000 additional chemicals are added every year. Nevertheless, EPA only tests about three percent. Thus, municipal water supply services is obliged to carry out checks on the contents of only 130 chemicals, when in some parts per million or billion may be present hundreds and even thousands of chemicals that can be dangerous to humans. How complex chemical combinations possible with the list of the 100 000 individual chemicals?

Here is an example of how terrible can be the answer. Vodokanal added chlorine in the water as very necessary for destroying the disinfectant in water born viruses and some bacteria. Most urban water contains a certain degree of humic acid that is formed during the decay of plant and animal matter. In addition to that of chloro & # 39 is a known carcinogen, when chlorine is in contact with humic acid, four separate carcinogens are called trygalametany (THMs). Combine only two and get four! Now, imagine the possibilities of mixing 10's of thousands in your drinking water.

Water from the & # 39 is an essential element to support life, second only to oxygen. We can live 40 days without food, but only about 6 days without water. The water serves three main purposes in our bodies. 1. It controls body temperature; 2. It carries the nutrients in the food we eat, to every cell in our body; 3. Water and replaces fluids such as blood plasma, lymph, digestive juices, bile, etc. It washes and bathes every cell of the body, washing and carrying away the waste and toxic poisons. When the water is so important for our health and well being, whether we drink the healthiest water worth? What would it be, you ask? Distilled water.


Credit your child: It is necessary to protect!


Childbirth – great news, but it can also be a terrible thing. You do not bear the full responsibility for the welfare of their child, the parent is also your duty to make sure that your child is protected in all possible ways – this includes the child credit protection. Often thieves oriented to children, because children's credit unmarried (or does not exist).

While you may think that the government protects children against these kinds of thefts, it is not.

at the state level only

The only federal law designed to protect children's credit person with & # 39 is the Law on the Protection of Children against theft identity and # 39; (Created in 2015), which is not a & # 39 is the law in general. In fact, there are less than 2% chance that the law will be adopted, depending on a variety of sources. The law would allow parents to make the credit report for a child, and then freeze it to prevent identity theft. However, this law has not been signed by the President, and he did not like the fact that he even reaches his office.

This prompted various States to establish such laws at the state level, although not all states allow parents to create a credit report and freeze it. This is an important moment. Last coverage of information on freezing your credit reports often leads people to believe that all states allow parents to make the credit report and freeze it, but this is not true. Some states do not allow you to create and freeze credit report.

States that allow legally freeze

There are only a few states that allow parents to make the credit report for a minor, and then freeze this report. States – Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Other states allow parents to go through this process only if the child is under 16 years (it often does not help, because identity theft happens to children much younger than 16).

Help from credit bureaus

Some credit bureaus have taken matters into their own hands. For example, Equifax will allow parents of minors (regardless of the state in which they live) to create and freeze credit report. Trans Union allows parents to check, there has been any fraud with credit, and allows parents to create and freeze credit report, if they reside in the above states. Some credit bureaus in the states that do not have any laws that deal with the theft of credit the person of a minor, allow parents to create and freeze credit reports for a small fee – but when the father can prove fraud, you can disable this board.